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    How should we address a member in the forum?

    Recently, while responding in some threads, I had to address some very senior members by name, keeping the norms of the forum in mind. However, it kept me thinking and prompted me to raise this thread.

    We discuss various issues in this virtual platform as like we do with our friends, relatives and family members at home. Should we not show proper respect to the members as we do to others in the real world?

    Almost all the members taking part in the forum discussion are matured. They are somewhat known to us (though not personally) as well. Then is it right for us to address every member by name only or by #…(like Roll No.,15 etc. as the teacher used to call in the class.)? what's the harm if we show due respect according to their age or seniority while addressing them? Does it fall below our dignity?

    However, the senior members are at liberty to call a junior member by name. By senior I mean, senior in age or in the site. Of course, it is quite possible that a member can be junior to someone but senior in level or duration in the site. In that case, it should be left on to that particular member to decide how he/she would address another member much older in age but junior in level . I sincerely believe that the ethics of no member would ever allow him/her to deprive any other member of the due respect he/she deserves.

    The thread is long and may be boring but I have spoken out of my heart and sincerely request the other members to come out with their frank opinions.
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    Ms. Mitra: It is totally co-incidental that today morning I raised a similar thread, the link of which is given below. You can read the thread and subsequent responses of two senior Members, one of whom is a Lead Editor.

    The link:-
    How should I address them?

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    Partha Sir,

    It was really co-incidental although my purpose was entirely different. Actually, I didn't notice your thread and as I have already mentioned, I was feeling a guilty sense within myself. That prompted me to raise the thread. No offence please.

    I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.

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    Please go through the responses of two senior Members in my thread. This may help you to clear the doubt. There is no need to feel guilty.
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    Furthermore, I wish to clarify that whenever any Member indicates any number, it refers to the specific response, not the Member. For example, if I mention #606152, it means that I am going to say something in respect of that specific response. The name of the Member is secondary in that case.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Normally Indian culture and tradition treat us to respect others and call them by name with prefix of sir or madam. But ISC being a family of friends and I feel there should not be any formality. By addressing a person by name without any prefix, we feel closeness and that rapport will build fast and be consistent. However it is left to the prerogative of the members concerned. By the way our ME Vandana also raised a thread on this regard to give respect the members while addressing. Therefore to avoid controversy, I am using the word author so that it suffice the need.
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    In our real life also when we address somebody who are elders or seniors to us by adding some prefix like sri or Mr or Smt. or Mrs. Sometimes we may do some mistake in confusion of understanding the gender correctly. Once if the mistake is made known to the person , he will not repeat. So it is a good gesture to add this. But when we are members in a certain organisation we have to respect the rules of the organisation and we have to as per that. When I was working in an organisation if we call anybody with simple name without adding any prefix they used to caution the person to call them by adding prefixes.
    Anyhow as far as I am concerned I don't have any ill feelings for others if they call me as per their liking. There are no hard and fast rules in this connection.

    always confident

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