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    Delay in review of articles

    I was not in a mood to ask this but I don't think I have any more patience. I have submitted 5 articles in the article section and its been more than 3 days but those articles have not been reviewed yet. I want to submit new post but I can't because I have reached the threshold limit unless my previous articles are reviewed. I have felt that ask expert section answers and questions are reviewed promptly but it took so much time to review an article.
    This time I am expecting my first approved article and with those point credit I will reach a step further toward gold membership.
    I doubt whether article section editor is on some vacation. If any editor is reading this post then please do review my posts because I want to post something new and I can't wait for it anymore.
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    Gaurav, please provide the URLs of the articles you have submitted so that it would easier for the article editors to check out the position and let you know.

    In the meantime, let me tell you that three days is not that long a period if we consider the intricacies involved in editing an article. It is not that easy as editing other sections. Though our endeavor is always to review articles at the earliest, some delay need to be anticipated due to various reasons including the number of articles that is submitted during a particular period. It may also be noted that it may take more time to review articles by newer authors when compared to the established ones due to different reasons including language, checking for copied contents etc.

    So, please be patient. Your point has been noted and will be looked into.

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    Normally our editors would take 48 hours to review a article submission if it was written by the regulars and sustained contributors in the article section. You are new member and practicing writing articles and there fore double care has to be taken to review as regards to authenticity of the content, copy right violations and above all the copy pasting activities. So never get dejected for the delay. As you prove your ability in writing good articles on own and submitting the same regularly, the speed of submission and approval would be in tandem and till then please wait for the right time to approve.
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    Mr. Gaurav: You have to wait at least 7 days. This is the average time taken to review articles.
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    Lost patience after 3 days ? It is not at all a long time. You will get used to the ISC's way by time. I had to wait for more than 2 weeks to get one of my former article to get approved. If you are a starter then they will point out each and every mistakes in you and keep your articles pending. In this case you might even have to wait longer than usual.

    At first I was also impatient as the blog which I contributed early was a smaller sister site and the web master had no difficulty in reviewing as submission were lesser in number. Also I was frustrated with the cash given for each articles because it was way lower that my expectations. But later I understood that ISC is a vast education site with great reputation and they encourages everyone in every sections. Moreover, Google Adsense is the main source for every writers here to earn for their unique and popularized contents. Don't get frustrated if articles are put on pending or delayed. It will make you even better one after the other and eventually you can gain trust of the editors so that your articles might get reviewed without a hitch. Best wishes.

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    My First article was approved after 15 days, I almost forgot about it until one day I checked my email and saw that my article was approved and cash was credited. I was so happy seeing the approval and the cash credit as it was my first earning.

    It was truly worth the wait.

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    Generally the review of articles will take minimum 10 days. Many articles are being submitted by various members and all these articles are to be reviewed word to word and if they approve with mistakes, the rating of the channel will come down. So they will take minimum 10 days for reviewing your article. Don't be in a hurry and 3 days is not at all a long time.
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    Yes as other members suggested you, it is not a longer period of time. In normal condition an article needs 10-12 days to approve. So do not be panic. Wait for some more days and contribute in other sections of ISC.
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