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    With respect to Star of the Month

    Receiving the Star of the Month award is no mean feat. While it is a token of appreciation, it is also a sign of consistent and quality content, being shared by the recipient.

    I have a suggestion to make. It would be nice if the name of the awardee of the 'Star of the Month' is displayed prominently on ISC. Not just in the announcement thread, but as a badge, on the Profile page, for the period that the award is valid. Or it could be displayed against their name, for the same period, much the same way as the editor tag is displayed.

    Just a thought – it would be nice if it could be executed.
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    Juana, though I do think it is a good suggestion, I am not sure whether the same can be implemented due to technicalities involved. However, it has been put up to the admin for due consideration. Please wait for a response.
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    Good suggestion Juana. Let's hear from the admin if the same can be implemented.

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    A good suggestion. If it can be implemented it will give lot of attraction towards this site by the members and new members will also get attracted. Hope we hear from admn shortly a positive response .
    always confident

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    I support the suggestion to put a badge in the member's profile or across their name like Editors whenever any member gets the Star of the month award. I believe it can be extended to wizards award winners as well. It will definitely encourage and elevate the interest of the awardee and other members to contribute actively in ISC. Hope this suggestion will be implemented.

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    A very nice suggestion. Hope it gets implemented in some or the other way. If somehow it could be implemented, it will definitely add value to the award and most of us will then strive to work hard to earn the coveted award. I for one will surely double up my efforts to grab one.
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    Really a very good suggestion by Juanna madam. Let see what admin think and decide.
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    As it is a very good suggestion from the author but I do n't think it will make much difference because anyhow it is there in Award listing. The second thing there should be a software update or enhancement on the website which it will be a very cumbersome activity there may be design issues comes into the picture if that enhancement is done.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I agree it is a very good suggestion but we have technical challenges. Currently, we are in a phase of moving to a new design. It was started about 6 months ago and we have a long way to go. I will keep this requirement in mind and will try to incorporate into the new design once we are in the final stages.
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    By star of the month it means superlative performance by the awarded member and therefore there should be recognition spot in this page and that would be a great tribute to the winners. Hope Tony would accede to this request.
    K Mohan
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