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    Internet - a big threat to our society

    Today, in the era of internet we are getting away from our society. As internet has made all our works done singlehandedly, we are no more dependended on others for help, this is a serious threat as it is shrinking our social environment. Do all ISC members agree with me??
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    Internet is very good for many aspects. But as an individual we should know how much we have to use. But why should blame internet. In fact internet is making our life very easy and we have lot of spare time. We can use that time to inter act with other people in the society. But instead of that we are wasting our time using it for virtual games and chats. This is the fault of the user. Why we should say internet is a threat to the society.
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    Internet is a place where all the informations are bundled in various sites in various categories.
    It is like a big library at our fingers.

    This has facilitated people to get their jobs done quickly in an efficient manner. When you visit a site you do not interact with any human beings unlike the offices and organisations. This absence of human beings is one of the most important dimension of Internet as it helps one to avoid embarrassment and uneasiness of consulting or talking with a unknown person.

    Day by day we are becoming habitual of Internet and cannot imagine to live without it.

    It is very correct that due to this we are losing contact with society and do not find occasions to interact with other fellow beings for our day to day affairs or any specific problems.

    In long run this may change the society in a self centered entity where no one will bother for anyone.

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    Internet is absolutely not a threat, rather it is a boon for us. It is complete source of knowledge for everyone. We can learn about various things through internet, be it social media, be it current affairs, political issues, economic affairs, or be it educational stuff. But it is proving to be a curse for people because of the misuses that people make out of it. Excess use of anything is injurious to health. Limited use keeps it as a useful resource. Those people who use internet as only as a source of entertainment , they actually do not know the value of it. Google is the best search engine providing the correct results of all questions that you have. It is on us how we utilize internet , as an advantage to us or as a curse to us. Here I would take example of my own life while I was struggling for job, it was the source of internet ,, that I kept searching and roaming and then later after greater efforts I finally ended up with the job of my need. Digitalization is another word that is all deriving up from internet. So, it is a blessing for us... use it wisely, to maintain the essence of it .

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