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    In how much time would two strangers begin to talk informally?

    We often meet strangers in our day to day life and have many conversations with them. Very few among these strangers later comes under our various classification of acquaintances within our head and even tend to become our best friends.
    But most of the time we speak formally when we meet strangers because of courtesy and manners we have been taught from our childhood. But have you ever thought about how much time it takes to speak informally to someone we meet.
    It may vary from person to person according to their nature and behavior but still, what would be the approximate time within which a person may begin to speak informally?
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    Sometimes it's all about just a spark, you would start speaking to a stranger as if you have known them for ages but at the same, you might interact with a person on a daily basis and still you would prefer to remain formal.

    We won't be able to define any approx time to get used to a person and start speaking informally. This is just from what I have observed and experienced.

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    For me, if its' a guy I start being informal in matter of hours after our first introduction.
    If it's a girl, I start being informal from the next day. Formal conversations kind of distance people off. So if you need to befriend a stranger try being informal as quick as you can.

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    It depends on the nature of the other person also. Even though we try to speak to a stranger with in a few minute after seeing him, the other person is not showing any interest we can't go forward. It should be two way not one way.
    Many times when we travel in trains we tend to talk with the fellow passengers, but some will not show any inclination to talk to us. Then the conversation will not go forward. In some cases the other person himself will initiate the talk before you start.
    As far as I am concerned I try t o talk to strangers on general issues with in no time.

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    If a stranger meet me and seek some information, I shall immediately help him out. One thing is sure, those who meet me first would be longing me to meet again and again and that is for sure. Though the meeting would be informal and start with general information, soon we may switch to personal and very personal issues which one may not think of discussing with others in normal course. A stranger would watch for the age group, the interest of the opposite person to converse and above all both must have enough time to exchange pleasantries. Otherwise strangers would remain strangers.
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    I think the conversations between two strangers can be informal with a span of time. It basically depends on the nature of both the persons. It is not easy to be informal with everyone you meet. But sometimes it happens, that the person we meet in first chance behaves so well and familiar that we start talking informally with them, discussing about our own self. According to me, this totally depends upon the nature of those two people.
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