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    Do parents think An investment in Education pays the best interest for their children?

    As Benjamin Franklin, a famous scientist quoted that 'An Investment in Knowledge pays best interest' as it is requoted by parents and Educational groups that 'An Investment in Education pays best interest' as modern-day the Education fees raised a skyrocket as parents think if they put their children in best Educational institution their children will have a good future.So they are not putting a backward step to pay a high amount of school fees?Do the Parents think An investment in Educations pays the best interest of their children?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    I usually travel in my company transport but today due to huge traffic I had to resort to Ola cab. I got a very interesting driver, he was very talkative. I had a journey of almost 39Km so I mostly prefer to sit near the window seat and then enjoy listening to music. But then this man kept talking a lot and he was quite an interesting man with lots of stories about life and I got interested to listen to his life experience. So I decided against listening to music, I was listening to what he was talking about.

    He shared that he was the only educated man in his family, he has a masters degree in commerce and married his sweetheart from the college itself. He encouraged his wife to study further by paying for her B.Ed. Today she is a very experienced teacher and earns far better than him. He says he feels very proud that his wife's earn's more than him.

    His only regret in life is that he learned in Marathi Medium school so though he has a master's degree, people refused to give him any job as he didn't know English. He decided to teach his kids only in English Medium school. Today he says that it gives him immense joy when he sees his son and daughter speaking in English. He is assured that their future is secured. He also said that I am ready to shell out as much money as I can for the education of my Kids. He has to almost pay 1 lakh per year for the education of his kids but that doesn't bother him because he is hopeful that his kids will not meet the same fate as his.

    I learned many things from him today and most importantly I understood that yes parents do think that "An investment in Education pays the best interest for their children" and for this reason's the school's are demanding very high fees. Today I read a news that Kejriwal has issued a warning against private schools against the unnecessary hike in school fees and that if they don't return the extra fees they would take over such schools.

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    Today's parents know very well that human resource is the most valuable and important resource of the world. For development of human resource, most of the parents invest substantially in the education of their children.
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    Yes. All parents want their children to excel in their life. They want to do their best in providing good amenities to them so that they will be comfortable and put more efforts in their education. They don't have any other intentions in their deeds. They pay high amounts to corporate schools for their wards to get admitted to give best possible education to their children. Once the parent has done his duty, if the children also respond positively and come up to the expectations, the children will have a happy life. With that the ambition of the parent is fulfilled. He got whatever returns he wanted through his children.
    But in this attitude some parents are not considering the calibre of the children and expecting more and more than what the child can deliver. Here my point to parents is try hard and give all the amenities to your ward and see that he will do his best but don't expect anything beyond his caliber.

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    Investing education definitely yield a good result. In Tamil there is a term,'Karkai nandre karkai nandre pichchai pukinum karkai nandre' which means even by begging one should undergo education. This much importance has been given for education. Investing in education for their own child is good and is more benefited if one provide education for others. But nowadays, the educational institutions are draining money from parents in huge bags by saying this facility and that facility. But there is another term in Tamil, 'pidi pidiya nattaal kottai kottaiyai vilaiyaadu' which means the cultivation or seeding the grain only to the required level and not volume by volume. Similarly yield for investing in education is good only if the same in normal but needlessly if one invest for his child's education the result may not be at the required level. Normally charging schools can be approached and provide education without fail. Instead the people who want to admit their children in high cost school, they can admit their children in normal school and offer education in that school to the needy children also.

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    Yes today parents do think that investment in education pays the best.
    And thus they put their everything to provide there child best education availabel, no matter how hard they have to work for it how many compromises and sacrify they have to make for it.
    They don't want that their child to lag behind any other child in any respect. And these high fee demanding school and colleges provide an assurence and a dream to these parents that their child will have a secured future and a better life than they had.

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    Parents today are definitely investing on education rather than knowledge. They think that studying in a good institution and scoring good marks will take their child to the top. That is why they are preferring to get their admission in topmost schools and those schools charge extra high fees. Seeing the culture and infrastructure, they decide to get their child admitted there. But they need to understand that it is the knowledge that is going to help their child in future and they forget that all schools give the same teachings. Parents are thinking from their perspective, what they had in their times, they should understand the atmosphere in today's time. The times have changed. They need to understand that it is the child's ability to grasp things in a better way, school can only impart good education, knowledge he will imbide by himself. I understand that it is because they think about the benefit of their child but they should be counselled on this part as well, so that they do not have to face unnecessary harassment for their child's education.

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    For today's parents they have the compulsion of choosing the best school or the college for the better education , because the child has to compete and sustain the competition with high good marks so that entrance exams and seats in high classes can be secured easily. Those who are ranker, they get some scholarship either from government or support from philanthropists. But that is not available to every topper. Those who have access in public life with big people can secure such arrangement. On the whole the burden of high fees every year has to be gone through and the parents are put to litmus test as they feel it is good investment for the future.
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    This reminds me of something from Mr. Mohan's post, a few months back one lady approached me and she was pouring out her concern for her son. She was worried about the education and was in jest to get admission in one of the best schools.

    So she was enquiring which syllabus was the best which would help her son to prepare well for the entrance coaching exam. I was under the assumption that her son would be in 9th or 10th Std, as per my experience I told her which was best according to me. A few minutes later I asked her in which std her son was studying and guess what, they wanted to admit her son in LKG.

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    Parents are always selfish when it comes to their children. Parents would like to give their children the best food, best dress,best toys and best education. While no one debates about the other things, it has become a habit to debate and discuss about education and schools. I do not find fault with the eagerness of parents to get the best education for their children.

    It is generally known that after the initial basic learning how to talk and communicate , how to go about the essential daily chores as habit, children learn much about the world around them from formal schooling only. It is from schools that children come to know about their peers, the larger society, the many difference between adults and children, how to behave in family, in society and when you are to yourself. Apart from all this the children learn to write and count. By grades the knowledge also goes on increasing. It is after high school that the children get chance to take options of their liking and choice. That is only the apt time when the children can start taking independent choices in at least some things related to their further education etc.
    Even though all schools may be following same syllabus, some schools will have some extra infrastructure, facilities and support structures inherent ,inbuilt and ready, so that children imbibe what is taught in a better and easy way. The composition of a class also decides how much a student can go on getting better and better. Parents usually would like such schools for their children. Usually parents get to judge these only by previous results.
    To get good and best we may have to pay more also.
    Parents would not like to take risk in such matters. So what they feel is that they would rather spend some extra money to have the best education (and thereby knowledge and eligibility for further studies and career) for their children.

    They do not take it as investment, but as manure or fertiliser for the good growth of their children.

    As far as our constitution places education as concurrent and also has given certain rights and freedoms to start educational institutions, 'education business' will continue to grow. The only alternative or remedy is to star similar schools under public sector. There is no need to blame parents.

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