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    Why small children are getting addicted to mobile phones?

    It has been very common these days that we see small children with 2 to 3 years of age , demanding mobile phones from their parents in order to do any of their work. They get angry and sometimes even start hitting if they do not get these gadgets. What is the reason behind this behavior of children, is it the fault of parents, that they are not strict in these things and they allow their child to play with such smartphones. I have seen people feeling like sometimes on the top saying that "my child is just born and he loves to see youtube videos on phone and he just keeps staring on the phone for the same". Do you think it really makes sense and it is a sign of dignity for such parents? They do not even notice that it is spoiling the eyes of their child and rather just not to see some tears in therir eyes, they allow their children to play with mobile phones.
    Need views of our forum members behind this sort of changing behaviour of parents.

    Thank you
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    I don't think we're addicted to mobile phones. It's the internet. But weren't addicted to internet either. It's just, we haven't discovered a better time pass. Playing sports,reading books,walking,talking with friends...etc..; we're still doing them, but virtually. Why to roam around when world's at your fingertips?
    Children must open their eyes towards the nature and must educate themselves naturally in the beginning. Internet is an aid. Not an ailment.

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    What I feel that children are seeing the cell phone as the gadget to pass the time and not for any knowledge warehouse building. I do agree that when the cell phone is in the palm, you feel like world in your finger tips. But what is the use of such gadget when you are forgoing your daily routines and postponing things, simply because you are watching something which interesting to you. Using the cell phone sparingly is desirable and important too. But one should not be addicted to it and some people are so fond of talking to others hours together as if there wont be tomorrow and future ?
    K Mohan
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    As said by Mr.Adithya Mohan. internet is good for the children for knowing about what is happening around. I do agree. But is it required for a boy of 2 or 3 years old boy who can't read even the alphabets, is the question. A boy of 3 years just starts learning. At that age the boy requires lessons from parents. But these days parents don't have that much time and patience to take care of the boy. So simply they will give him a phone and he starts spending time on that. It will become a habit for him and he can/t leave that. I say don't give phones to these tender aged children, which will prove problematic later on.

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    Not only the children even most of the adults are addicted to smart phones as it has now turned out to be a major gadget for one's survival. But I strongly oppose in giving small children (less than 15 years) such addictive gadgets as it could spoil a child's future. I would suggest giving mobile phones after 10th or 12th standard as they may go to distant places for their higher studies and mobiles are a must in that case. Also parents should give advice to their children on its excessive usage. It can even harm their eyesight and isolate them from outer world. But I don't think it's going to happen in coming generations as now even small children are much more aware than elders about usage of smart phones. So fingers crossed and let's see how world goes.

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    Thanks Aditya and Mr. Mohan for your responses, but my concern here is for the small children, not the teenagers or youngsters. Aditya you took my point in to a different perspective, I have mentioned that children of 2 to 3 years or below 5 years of age, such children are getting addicted to mobile phones , just in a reason to eat food or just to make them busy so that they do not disturb, is it becasuse this is the era of smart phones. I consider it to be the fault of parents , inspite of giving toys to their child, they are giving them their mobile phones, which is spoiling their daily habits. How can this be taught to the parents of today 's generation?
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    Let me give you a real life explanation given by my colleagues who are also parents to toddlers.
    Parents are busy working to give their children a better life so they spent the majority of their lifespan in office rather than with their children. Few of them have to work from home as well, now many times what happens is while they are working seriously on some issue their kid might crawl and come to them for some affection but as they are busy in the critical issue they can forsake it. So they will hand over their phones/tab for them to play.

    Toddlers are very curious and they can get fascinated with anything and everything. They will find the gadget very amusing so the child will get engaged in it and as the child gets engaged they can concentrate more on their work. Gradually what happens is every time parents will give them the gadgets to divert their attention. But eventually, the kids will get very addicted to it. They won't eat, sleep or walk without it.

    This addiction has gone to such a level that when my colleague returned home one day very early, her daughter who is 3 years old rushed to the door very happy to see her mom only to snatch the mobile from her and get engrossed in it. That's when she realized what she has lost by allowing her daughter to engage with her smartphone instead of with her.

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    The main culprit for making the children get addicted to mobile phones and televisions are nothing but we ourselves. Many parents to get free themselves hand over the mobiles by fixing with some animations or games or making them to sit before by opening some children programs. Later by days passed on the children required to be sit with phone or television. The start in casual manner leads to big problem later. We should plan accordingly.

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    Its a fault of parents only. When a child is born, he/she is just like a heap of clay. Parents act like potter for them. Its the duty of parents to give a perfect shape to that child so that he/she should learn good things and inspire the world with his/her deeds. Mobile phones are not only deteriorating the eyesight of young children but they are also the reason behind the long term health issues.
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