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    Should we need to protect the body against nature or live with nature ?

    We the people wants to be near to the nature, and yet we wont under go any change that sought to happen now and then. In summer, we are vexed with over heat from sun and thus take the help of cooler or Air conditioner to cool off ourselves. In Rainy season we wont allow our body to drench and hence take the help of rain coat, umbrella etc. During winter, we keep the body warm with wind sheeter and thus we are not ready to expose the body to nature fearing unwanted setback to the health. What is your suggestion, should we opt for things against the vagaries of nature or we should expose our body to get accustomed to changing nature ?
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    I do not think that we need to protect our body from nature, instead we should live with it. But yes, it is not possible every time, the changing weather conditions does not allow us to be the same every now and then. Hence, we have to go accordingly. When its extremely hot, we have no other choice than to sit in AC or cooler because obviously the heat is too much and we need some amount of comfort as well. But if the season is rainy, we should enjoy it :) Because elders say that the rain drops helps to heal any pimples or acne that we get during summers. Similarly winter has its own significance. There is no need to protect our body much from weather , because what has to happen will happen inspite of the utmost care.

    Stay happy and stay healthy .

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    Our body always tries to maintain normalcy. No excess heat or no excess cold. So we should always protect our body from these severities.So we should always use required protective clothing. I don't think it is going against the nature. As long as we are not spoiling the nature and environment,we need not feel we are spoiling the nature. As long as we are not using AC and satisfied with Fan ,it is Ok
    As a human being it is our responsibility to protect Nature. Anything which is not giving any threat to Nature it can not be against Nature.

    always confident

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