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    I feel like to study again on seeing world of opportunities in present era !

    Frankly speaking I get envy over the progress being made by today's children be it from 1 st class or at the Engineering or Medical level. During our days, the opportunities were limited, the knowledge base was subjected to only selective books, the teaching was less exemplary and above all the competition between the students were less or absent. So we were happy even scoring the pass marks and thus surged forward. Now who ever scores less than 90 percent considered less importance and by the way the marks are also awarded liberally. All these make to thing again to study from 1st class !
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    These days students have more facilities for improving their knowledge and education. They have everything in their hand in the form of a smart phone. Earlier days if we want any information we have to go to library and refer books and make a note of that. These days there is no necessity of going to library. They can browse everything in their laptop by connecting to internet. They have so many educational sites for these students There are many TV channel like Discovery channel which will add up to their knowledge. The exposure they have is very high.Their levels of IQ is also very high. So it is a boon to study and being students these days when compared olden days.
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    Very interesting thread this one is. One can definitely wish this desire but frankly speaking though there are various new branches and areas emerging as a potential for new jobs at the same time the competition and crowd for aspiring for those jobs has also increased drastically.

    In that situation I do not know whether I will be able to come up to that benchmark which is the threshold for getting selected for a job.

    Anyway the author has invoked a very interesting thread for discussion and definitely there will be very diverse viewpoints on this.

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    A very interesting thread indeed! But it's the generation gap. Even our ancestors would have been jealous of us for the scopes and opportunities we got which were not available during their time.

    With the development of science and technology, the scopes of learning have increased manifold and as Dr. Rao has rightly said, the children of today can get every information by browsing the internet on their laptops or smartphones while we had to struggle hard to collect them.

    But as there is no end of knowledge, there is no age of learning also. Those who are really interested to acquire knowledge, can easily do so by learning the use of those gadgets and you must admit that most of us are already doing so.

    It is true that many of us have crossed the age of competing with the present generation but there is no harm in enhancing our knowledge bank for our self-satisfaction.

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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    I completely agree with Ms. Nomita, this is because of the generation gap. In earlier times, there were no facilities available regarding anything, no resources. The only resource to study were books. In today's era, there is the source of internet to get all forms of knowledge. Competition has increased to a very high level because of everybody scoring higher grades. Because everyone wants to excel. These days doing engineering even has become very common. Every other person is an engineer or a doctor in our country. People are seeking for more opportunities looking for other fields to innovate. This is all due to technological advancements in our country. Inspite of the old computers , people now preferring notepads and tablets to study and for official purposes as well. When we will go fifty years ahead from here, there will be much more of innovations and developments. Because world is changing rapidly, scientists are bringing out more ways to live a peaceful and comfortable life.
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