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    Can we answer old questions in ‘Ask Expert’ section?

    As far as I recall there was a direction two-three months ago that old questions which were already adequately responded to by the Members, can't be replied now. Unfortunately I could not find the thread right now. However, I have been noticing that some new Members are answering old questions very frequently.

    It is absolutely not the fault of the new Members. They are not fully aware of the directions. It is the duty of the Editors to point it out to the new Members. But in this particular case, the Editors are not doing so.

    I request the Editors to suitably instruct the new Members in this regard. Or alternatively the Editors may clearly state that there has been no such instruction, so that old Members can also attempt to reply old questions.
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    Yeah of course. That is not the problem of new members. They will starts with lots of expectation , So they are responding to the old forums questions.

    Hence, editors should make sure about this to response old forums.


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    What I feel that as long as the question is relevant and has the credibility of answering at any given time , there is no harm in giving our responses be it a old thread in ask experts section.
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    I feel that there is no rule in Ask expert section that it should be answered with in a particular period of time. Even nowadays I am observing some old threads are also coming out by new answers. However if any such rule is that should be mentioned in help section. I don't remember that I have read it.
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    You are requested to have a look into the last para of this FAQ thread. There is no restriction as such to posting answers to old questions the Ask Expert section provided you are submitting better details or such details that are not already present in the previous answers or where the answers already given are found to be insufficient. If the attempt is simply a repetition of what has already been told and does not give any fresh or additional input, your answer may not be considered for additional points or cash credits and if not found to be worthy, may even be deleted.

    Editors do take note of such mistakes, especially by new members, and takes steps to intimate them of the rule position. But then there are occasions where the editor's advice is either neglected or members get back into action after a small break and that is an area where we need to be cautious.

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    Ask questions are meant not only for the initiator of the thread but also for anyone else having similar type of question in mind.

    As such, they are always relevant and can be answered by anyone, provided, of course by not merely repeating what have already been written by other members but by adding some more information/value related to the matter.

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    As such there is no restriction on time in ask expert section. Only important thing is we should give new material and new ideas in response to the original question.

    When I joined ISC have gone through many old questions and where ever I found a new input or a new dimension to the answer I tried to incorporate it there.

    A new member should be careful in giving answers to old questions and should check and read all the answers so far given there so that mistake of repetition of points does not occur.

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    I think any member can answer any question in ask expert section as long as the thread is active. I don't think putting restrictions on posting answer to old question is a good idea. If editors find that any question has been answered adequately then that thread should be closed for new response. Because many new members including I have went through old questions and I answered few of them. So, if there are any new rules like not answering 2-3 months old question then the editors are requested to close those thread for new response as it will save a lot of time and energy of members who do not know the rule.

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