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    Honey is more than a sweet drink.

    Honey obtained from nature is highly nutritious than generally understood. It is rich in carbohydrates, fructose and glucose. Intake of a limited quantity of honey will help improve the energy level. Before starting any hard work, including bodily exercise, taking a spoonful of pure honey which will show the difference.
    Honey contains 22 amino acids, different minerals and elements helping digestion. It help rejuvenate the brain and thereby help improving the memory power. Applying a drop of honey on wounds will help cure the same. Daily intake of honey will help improve the resistance power of the body.
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    Yes, we must remember the utilities of honey on the World Honey Bee Day.
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    Thanks a lot to the author for sharing varied uses of honey and its importance in our daily life. Pure honey mixed with powder of Biryani patta ie cinnamon sticks would when applied on the itching part of the body, the itching would ease out immediately. Due to this monsoon season, we are bound to have storage of water in the buckets and there is every chance of algae taking refuge in the water tank too. So while using that water for bathing the next day we may come in contact with the body itching which cannot be controlled. Therefore the remedy suggested by me is the best way to get rid of itching. By the way honey is liked more by the children. It can be widely used to be spread on the bread, on the rotis and even given taken with idly or dosa. Please desist using the bread jam combination , instead feed the children by adding honey and that will definitely improve their digestion power and they tend to eat stomach full.
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    Honey is a very good nutritious food and it is better to use honey in green tea instead of sugar. Honey can be used in place of sugar or jaggery in many food items. Honey is being used as a media for the in take of many ayurvedic medicines.
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