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    Do you force your child to eat your prepared menu or yield to his demand of choice menu ?

    I have invariably seen that feeding the children has become a herculean task for the modern mothers as they are not understanding the taste bud of the child and try to feed what ever they prepare and wont even try to know why the child is rejecting the menu which she is forcefully giving. Right from the age of his eating say 1 year, try to give him all kind of vegetables you prepare and observe his liking. Stick to that kind vegetable and try to prepare that dish only , so that he will eat stomach full. Otherwise wasting at least half an hour time on his feeding is for sure.
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    In my house my wife prepares food. Generally she will ask her two sons for their choice. Accordingly she will prepare the items. I will go with the same items. When we all go together to eating out, we all will order as per our individual likings. Generally I prefer south indian tiffins like Idly, dosa, upma and bajji etc. But mu sons, daughters in law and my wife will go for north Indian dishes with naans and rotis. Again they will also order differently as per their individual likings.
    From their childhood our sons are having the habit of liking the dishes made by their mother. So there was no problem for her.

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    Food habit of children grow at an early age. At that tender age, they do not know the importance of taking various types of food and their importance to our body. Generally, they want to have everything that satisfies their taste buds.

    If we give them food only of their choice, it may harm the development of their body and mind in the long run. Hence, it is desirable to have some control from the very early age.

    They may be given one or two items of their choice but at the same time, they should also be lured to eat other food having nutritional values. It may prove to be a little difficult in the beginning, but as the child grows up, he would be accustomed to all kinds of food.

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    Children develop liking for certain foods and many times they cry or ask the same. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for the parents to feed them some other food which they do not like. It may quite happen that the child does not like milk or some other important food which is very necessary for his growth.

    This is the situation which many parents may be facing today. It is a great challenge for them to cope up with it.

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    Eating habits differ from one child to another. Some children like home cooked meal while others like the junk foods. I think one should prepare their child to eat whatever they try to feed them. It incurs a good habit in them. But children today are not easy to handle , they develop a different taste to every food they eat. In my home itself, my mother runs a Daycare. I see a lot many children happy eating the food that their mother gives them, while some children hardly eat that. Inspite they like the food that my mother is cooking and mostly its my mother who feeds them our home cooked food. So , it depends from one child to another. One should feed good eating habits in their child, but sometimes listening to the child demands will also be good.
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    How can I force my child (daughter) to take home-made food? It is unthinkable! Instead she forces us to purchase junk food for her consumption.
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    Making the children to eat the prepared food is one way good as the children does not know the real value of such food. But at the same time we should make the children to understand the benefits etc., by making them first to familiar with that item. Moreover I am seeing many parents do not hear what the children says while eating but forcefully make them to eat. In tender age the children are not able to swallow the foods as whole and by understanding this the mother should give him or her good smashed food initially and later only a semi smashed food can be given. In many houses the use of bitter guard is totally ignored for children or by the children but in my house my mother makes us and our children to eat by telling the specialty in that vegetable. That too my mother prepared the same vegetables in one form one day and another form in another day. Out side food normally should be avoided in children to the possible extent.

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