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    I want to be a child again.

    Most of us must have at some point of time cherished a desire to go back to our childhood days for one reason or the other. Join this thread and pour out your feelings as to whether you have experienced such a feeling and why? Nostalgia can indeed be addictive at times.

    I want to be a child again. How many times do you think this to yourself? I don't think you'd have a count to this. Every time, you see a kid, this thought pops up into your head. When we were small, we used to wish for the time when we will grow up, make our own decisions and live our life the way we want. Now, when we have become adults, it seems like that was the best time. Every thing was so simple back then; there were no worries of future; no pressure of expectations; there was no desperate need to please someone. The only work load was to complete our homework; the only pressure was of the cricket match that was against the other colony in the evening; the only people we wanted to please were our parents because if we score good marks, they will reward us with chocolates. Then, we just used to just mug up a textbook, score more than ninety percent easily and were really satisfied. Now, no matter how many books we read, some things never make any sense. We used to long for the time when we will make our own decisions, now it feels that was a better time when we didn't have to differentiate between good and bad because our parents did that for us.
    I want that time back; I want to be carefree again; I want my mother to teach me the English alphabets once again; I want my innocent eyes back that were unaware of the evils of this world; I want to study for one hour again so that my mother will allow me to go to the park and play; I want to be excited when I wake up in the morning and happy when I go to bed; I want to live my childhood again; oh! I want to be a child again.
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    Only yesterday I had raised one thread " I feel like to study again on seeing world of opportunities in present era !" which also seek the same demand from me. When I see the world of opportunities available to today's child , I feel like terribly missing my childhood. There were no toys, no outings, no television, no cell phones, no friends even as most of them are controlled by their parents not to venture out and thus we were forced to live and under the watchful eyes of the parents and thus we were suppressing the talent available within us. The way the children are given education, the growth of education and the opportunities galore they are getting if they are talented and ranker, all gives me a envy feeling. If I am given chance again to be a child now, I shall go through all the process of enjoyment and development a modern child goes through and thus will have the satisfaction of having lived with total wants met.
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    Yes. This generation children are having very advanced technical tools available to them at their disposal. I remember reading with a small kerosene light till I have completed my 10th class. These days children will close the book if no electricity. But I have no power in my house till my +2 is completed. Today children has cell phones,TVs and even no radios. If we have to go out for playing with friends, we have to get permission from our parents. If we have to spend 25 paise, we have to ask parents. At every walk of our life we were controlled by our parents. I don't say we are depressed, but I say we are under their shadows only. But these days are pampered like anything. The whole world is before them if they want. There is no control over the children. They have many ways to improve their knowledge and exposure. They have many ways to get equipped with latest technology updates and trends around the world.
    Definitely the present generation children are having many facilities to come up in their life. But by the time they grow and next generation children may have very good and much better tools for their use. Development is a continuous process.

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    Mr. Mohan and Mr. Rao, you both have perceived this post in a completely different manner. This is not what I intended at all. This was a nostalgic post remembering how the childhood days were the best and you both have somehow made it about the extra facilities that the new generation got than you.
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    Yes, it is true that when we see young kids playing and doing things without bothering about anything, we feel like becoming one among them. Just playing and stopping it when feeling hungry. They don' t worry about gathering food. They eat it stomachful. After that again to play or to bed. Not worried about the next day, they sleep well. Like this the days are completed. The presence of parents and others are adding to their happiness when their actions are encouraged.
    Childhood activities are always hanging in our mind as different pages in an album. Unfortunately there won' t be any such album for people aged like us. Let us dream and get satisfied.

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    Yes, i want to be a child again not because i am tired of my work but i miss the fun and life i enjoyed as a child. Today, when i watch my own child i wish to become a child again so, that i can erase the lonliness in his life. As a child we used to have a big group of friends and cousins who enjoyed together a lot. We used to roam and play so much but now adays when i saw no such things in my own child's life, i wish to become child myself so that i can enjoy with them as now adays it's not safe to send child out for play.

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    We can be children always- not in the literal sense, but keeping the good pristine pure child like qualities.

    What are the unique qualities of a child?

    1. Openness- to explore, experiment and learn. Openness to accept anyone without any kind of prejudice and love anyone who is kind and harmless.

    2. Kindness and compassion- To have compassion and nature of empathy to every living thing. Children easily cry when they see others cry in pain. They soothe with their little hands and kind gestures. They do whatever they can do to lessen others pain.

    3. Contentment: To feel contented and happy with even very small and cost less things and matters.

    4. Smile and laugh sincerely: Though we all use the shortened 'LOL" in our messages nowadays, can one say that they sincerely practice that? Children do that. They smile lovingly and laugh out innocently on any matter that amuses them.

    5.Inquisitiveness: Children never justify as such, they question with inquisitiveness and get convinced only after a proper explanation.

    6. Sense of equality: Children by themselves do not know to distinguish people based on parameters. They get bewildered when they see inequality in treatment.

    7. Sharing mentality: Unless taught selfishness, children always share whatever they have with those around them.

    8. Truth: Last but not least, children say only truth. Unless taught and trained, by default, children speak truth, the way they have seen, heard and understood.

    It is very easy to say that "I would like to be a child again". But my question is can any one have the above 8 qualities at least now? If so we are real child even now. The world want such adult-children.

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    Well, If I exactly say I never thought to be a child again, it is not because I do not have any responsibility of things or I am burdened of things. It is because I always felt that every age has its own significance. I enjoy life my way, even If I am facing a strain of things, I keep a thought in my mind that problems will come and go, we just need to keep fighting. It depends completely upon how we take up every situation. We can be a child whenever we want in our life: With me, it happens like when I am in a very good mood, I become a complete child with my family, but if I am in a sad or painful mood, I just stay calm in silence. So, this all depends on what you feel in what situation. Childhood is and age where there is no tension of things, we are totally dependent on our parents for everything, we are free from all sort of pain in life, there is no greed or need for money. Because we are children, once we grow up things change completely, because we become independent, we are full of responsibilities of family and job both.
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    Yeah, I miss my childhood days so much. I spent 14 years of my childhood in hostel and have so many good and bad memories of that time. I was having a good friend circle and we used to play, study and eat together. I am still in touch of them and whenever we feel like to be together, we plan a get together to relive our hostel days.
    Childhood is a golden period of your life. What you learn during this time decides your ultimate destiny.
    My thoughts are a bit different regarding the childhood of this generation. The current scenario is completely different from our time and these children do not to have the fun like we used to do in our days. Children like to have gadgets to show off among friends, they demands branded products to impress friends. But we were very happy with whatever we had. Those smiles were real.
    Now days, the education structure has also become lengthy and kids do not get enough time for other things. Even the children of primary classes go for tuition after school hours.
    I have learnt so many things including Kathak dance, Horse riding, rifle shooting, hockey and may more during my school/hostel days. But now days, the children are busy with their studies and do not get enough time to give to other activities.


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    Yeah, how time passes away, I think we all get stuck somewhere in a life and when we realize then it gets too late and we think of going back in the days of desire where we all have enjoyed every bit of life, I too think that if something magic happens and I get back to those days then it will be lots of fun, I think childhood are the best companion of ours throughout our life and helps all of us in making mind refreshed of some beautiful thoughts.
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    I think it is the unique qualities of a child as brought out by Venkiteswaran sir that makes childhood so special though I don't think one can enjoy childhood as an adult even if he possess all those qualities. It is all about innocence; being innocent in whatever we do or say, hear or see. Childhood days doesn't carry any burden with it. But isn't it an irony that as a child, we always want to grow up fast and once we grow up we long for those carefree days again. Kids today, according to me, are losing their childhood earlier than the previous generation due to the extent of exposure they get but still, childhood will always be a nostalgia for everyone.
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