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    Why some countries turned to be a war mongers ? Are they gone mad or want to test their arms ?

    After the first world war League of Nations war formed to prevent further wars. But second world war did happen. Then the UN was formed to prevent further war. Now some countries which acquired the nuclear status and also having harmful weapons are spending spending sleepless nights and eager to test those weapons and ammunition on reality use. So they are instigating the neighbors with wild gestures to join the war, and if that initiates , it would be a third world war as every country has to safeguard its own ?
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    A very good topic initiated by the author. Yes, the world is going towards third world war and recent activities indicate towards it. North Korea and America, Russia and America, China and India, Pakistan and India all these countries are at logger heads. North Korea is threatening USA for nuclear attacks and is carrying on his nuclear projects despite several ban by UN and other countries. China is also threatening India over Doklam issue.
    All these shows the eagerness of human to fight because all the famous legends in the history have came out of war. Men have been involved in war since time immemorial. Once again blood of human generation is boiling hot and is ready to burst out in the form of war. It has been almost 80 years since they have fought any major battle. Although human tend to learn that war brings only destruction but yet we forget the lesson taught in our textbooks. And this time if anything like world war will take place then human species will have to struggle for their existence. Pollution level is already increasing daily n daily and scientist have predicted that by 2050 the Earth will not be able to hold any living life, so human will have to look for some other shelter.
    If third world war take place then the pollution caused by nuclear bombs and other weapons will not only destroy human beings but the whole eco-system and then it will be impossible for humans and other species to survive.
    So, thinking with a cool mind is the need of the hour for all the nations who are eager to wage a war against their neighbors because they will have to pay equally for their action.

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    Yes. There are some countries trying for war. Lot of signals are coming giving an indication of war. But I feel nobody will dare to initiate the war. Everybody knows the ill effects of war. Everybody knows how Japan suffered and how they recovered.
    All countries thies to acquire sufficient strength of weapons and other accessories required for war as a precautionary measure for their defence, It will give strength to the country and also sends signal to other countries that they are becoming .
    War is loss for both the countries involved in the war. Lot of deaths, many expenses and environment imbalance. Keeping these points in our mind nobody should encourage war.

    always confident

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