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    Tomato skin to replace carbon black in tyre manufacturing.

    Generally the filler used in rubber tyres is the carbon black, a petroleum product. This is for strengthening the tyre and improving the life. Now a research result from Ohio State University shows an alternative for carbon black. It is nothing but the outer skin of tomato. The research states that the tomato skin is thick enough and rich with fibre. This skin withstands high temperature. Tomato skin is mixed with the outer shell of egg which has small holes. This help increasing the surface area of tyre. This mixture of tomato skin and egg shell add to the hardness of tyre. Only difference will be in the colour of the tyre, it will be a bit reddish.
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    Cool. But this still doesn't solve the existing problems. Tomatos and eggs are organic materials and they can undergo a lot worse damage than the conventional carbon rubber tyre. Carbon cannot be further decomposed. But organic materials can undergo decomposition. Tomato skin has various uses. It is said to reduce the rate of strokes, cancer and heart attacks. They are also used in various beauty products.
    But assigning tomato skins commercially in tyre manufacturing isn't practically possible. There aren't enough tomatoes.

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    This is new information of technology transfer by using tomato skin instead of carbon black on the inner side of the tyre. If that can ensure hardness and would minimize puncture of tyre means that is mind boggling.
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    Organic material will decompose in certain condition and hence life of the tyre may become less and availability of tomatoes also is question mark. But a good invention. They may further try for increasing the life of these tyres. Always scientists will be working further and they will come up with always a better solution. Technology is the driving force behind all these developments.
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