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    Do you keep an eye alert and warning labels present on different packaged items?

    As in General we see many kids electronic Toys do have warning and alert labels in respective of their age as it is also present in different electrical products do have warning and alert messages in their packaged items.As some people will ignore the warning and alert messages and will face a serious problem like if somebody using a hair dye or henna or several chemicals which are used for our applying hair and skin e.t.c.Like I apply moov spray on my face and got several pimples on my face.Do you keep an eye on alert or warning labels present on different packaged items?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    It is a good practice to read the alerts and warning given on the packages of the products before we use. I always make it a point to read the instruction given in the product literature before I use. Another point is that we should make sure that the product expiry date is still long away. It is a must before we use these dates. No medicine after its expiry date can be used. If we use them, they will not be effective and your problem may increase. So we all should inculcate the habit of reading matter given on the product packing.
    All cigarette packets will contain a warning saying that it is injurious to health. But no one bothers. Instead of purchasing a packet, they purchase only one ae a time. There is no warning on that. So they smoke . Is it correct?
    Be careful and observe the cautions and warnings given on the pakages

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    One should be careful and alert while purchasing any item and definitely check the expiry dates of that product. I always do it when I am purchasing something, even if its and eatable, grocery or general product of personal use. It is good because then it helps you to understand the validity of that product . Also, what you purchase, its labels signify the quality, ingredients and how much it should be used, so that it does not cause any harm to the user. So, it is definitely a good practice to keep an eye on the labels and expiry dates of the product especially as Mr. Rao said.
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    In the sale of goods Act, there is a maxim, 'caveat emptor' which means 'let the buyer beware', that is the buyer should be alert himself on his purchase.The vendor get escaped through his labels if anything went wrong. A joke in the middle. Once in a departmental stores there was a shouting between customer and salesman. On asking by the owner the sales man replied that the customer was quarreling for 'cholesterol', as he shows the package of an item marked as 'cholesterol free'

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