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    Why are the eatable items sold more than M.R.P in entertainment places?

    As we see in Parks, Exhibitions, Movie theatres and in various entertainment places we see the eatable items like Biscuits, Chocolates, Ice creams e.t.c are sold more than Maximum Retail price labeled in the Package as the Beverages are also sold more than Maximum retail price label present in those items.Is there any provision to sellers that in entertainment places it can be sold more than Maximum retail price.If not, Why people are not raising voice against this? What is the food and vigilance department doing on this issue?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    The art of exploiting the buyers because of their constant demand is called "Business". The vendors in these places take advantage of your position. You need to eat and the place you're in prohibits carrying eatables inside.
    That's why I never buy anything from these places. Can we revolt against this? yes. But no matter how many times we revolt or complain, there's no visible change. These vendors are a source of income(profit) for the owners of these entertainment places. So, this going overprice habit will never die.

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    The theaters, the parks, the exhibitions and other entertainment places, call for tenders from various sellers to sell these products in their places. The vendor who offers highest price to the owner will be allowed to sell there. Others are not allowed. So there are two things in their favour. One is they have to pay fee very high for selling the product there and only one vendor for one product. They don't allow outside food. Putting all together giving a chance to hike the prices as they like. The people coming to those places don't have any other alternative than purchasing these items at that price only.
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    I am also wondering the price of items in tourist places, temples, cinema halls, railway stations or bus stands are normally high more than the MRP. The auto drivers at the entrance of Railway stations, Bus stands are demanding more money to a nearby place. These are I was told by one of my friend that they are exploiting our leasure and pleasure.

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    This is called business. Once you are in their compound for two to three hours, they know, you will feel like hungry , feel the thirst and thus they have lined up the items to be purchased from them only. Malls., Cinema halls, Multiplex are engaged in new way of looting the public in day light, in the garb of high profile marketing. Police or law enforcing agency wont even mind on this unless and until complaints got from the movie goers. Moreover every Police station gets its own share and free seats for the movie , so why will they protest against the management or book cases. it is simply give and take policy.
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    Because at those places you go for recreation , entertainment and fun. You do not think much about spending few more bucks on edibles as you are in full mood of enjoyment. You think that if I will not spend my money on recreation then what is the use of this hard earned money. At those point you fail to understand how you earned those money. You forget about all the pains and struggle and only focus on relaxing yourself. As food is a important factor that can make you feel good and relaxed without bothering much you pay what vendors ask for, even it is higher than MRP.
    Vendors at those place only exploit and take advantage of your fun seeking mood and price products at higher than their MRP.

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    I feel, we are forgetting the other main important part why food items are costly. Most of the entertainment place, you need to pay higher rent for the place of stall or store. Obviously, it is a luxury place with having air-conditions running throughout the day and well maintained. Who will pay for those expenses? Do you think, if we have our own store in such place, we can do business while selling goods in MRPs? A business is business after all and no one wants to get loss in it. The more higher the rent, the more costlier is the product. It is as simple as that.

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