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    Instead of Solar panels why can't we have wind turbines on rooftops?

    As we knew there are several options for the alternative source of energy as soon as we think of that we get solar energy comes first to our mind but the solar panels are very costly because panels are made of silica but instead of using solar panels can we use wind turbines on roof tops or house tops.Which of this alternative source of energy will be cheaper when installing on house hold purposes?wind turbines do not have any replacement after installation as like solar panels? which will supply better power?What is your say on this?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Wind turbine on roof top is not a good idea.
    Wind turbines may trigger danger response in brain.
    Low frequency sound generated by wind turbines will trigger a part of the brain which senses danger.People living in the vicinity of wind farms have long reported experiencing sleep disturbances, a decline in performance, and other negative effects, apparently from the "infrasound" generated by the turbines

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    Wind turbine can not be everywhere like solar plates. They are bigger and heavier and placing them on rooftop is not possible practically. Also wind turbines are used in coastal areas where air blows with enough speed to rotate the blades of the windmill. However, its a very good alternative of green energy but because of certain limitations it can not be used everywhere.

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    Power generation using wind turbines on roof tops is not a feasible idea. Hybrid power generation using solar and wind power are being used on roof tops. In this type of power generation, solar panels are arranged as usual and under them about one to one-half meters high spindles are provided which can rotate when there is the wind. In this system both the sources are used to generate more power.
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    Although Wind turbines are a very good and relible source of renewable energy but they are also responsible for imense amount of the noise polution.
    Many people living around these turbines have fleed away from their residences just escape the troubles they face while sleeping because of thr continuos churning noise of windmills.
    It can be a source of energy for industry or for whole areas but when they are kept away from residential area.
    Becuase of such fault windmills can't replace solar panel which on the other sidr have so many benifits without any harm to anyone or anything.

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    The author must understand that wind turbines are erected at open places or high altitude places , where the wind is plenty the wind mill gets ample source of wind and would generate electricity. The poles of wind mills has to be in height and and it cannot suit for the urban areas as every house is constructed with congestion and private citizens wont allow anything occupying in their roof top. When there is protest for erecting the cell phone towers, how can the owners would agree for the wind mills which needs big space and height , which for unfortunately not available inside the city. Moreover with more apartment culture being followed in the big cities there cannot proper wind flows for every wind turbine and hence the idea mooted by the author is not going to be taken in right spirit for implementation..
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    As it is possible to have windmills on rooftops but it is good to have only solar panels than Wind turbines on roof tops as per as my further research on this subject. but if the wind turbines are placed near by house it is good to have Wind power than solar energy.

    For further reference

    Dutch people will use wind power on rooftops and household pruposes

    courtesy from motherearthnews
    The primary benefit of the wind over solar power for your home is that wind turbines aren’t dependent on sunlight. This means that they have the ability to generate power 24 hours a day, whereas solar panels only generate power during sunlight hours. The Wind comes with a significant caveat, however: in order to be effective, wind turbines need to be situated high above any obstacles that would block the wind.

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    Wind mills require good flow of air and generally they are kept at high hills where the air is good and human habitation is less. Idil places can be used for these windmills. But when they are in operation they make continuous noise and very difficult to withstand that sound.
    The solar panels are very stable, they require no maintenance also. So on house tops it is better to have solar panels only.

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