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    Kindly help me to find some excuse to skip weekly meeting

    In our office, on every Monday, weekly meeting is held and all officers are required to attend these weekly meetings. My division has completed the special tasks assigned last week, but even then, I am not feeling encouraged to attend the meeting, which is supposed to be very boring (like always). As a moody person, today I am not feeling like attending this boring meeting for at least two hours duration.

    So, friends, I would be grateful if you could suggest some plausible reason to me for not attending the meeting. Actually I mean that I would attend the office but would not be present in the meeting.

    Kindly help me. This may be treated as urgent.
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    Kindly do not run away from your responsibilities. Do not search any silly reason to avoid the meeting. Find the ways how to make it interesting. Give a suggestion for the provision of tea and snack. Participate actively in the meeting. Get prepared for the likely questions to be discuss during meeting.
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    But Mr. Sharma, I am not running away from the responsibilities. I have already completed the special tasks assigned to me in the last week's meeting. The task to be assigned during the meeting will be conveyed to me through the minutes which will be issued after the meeting. Only I don't feel like attending today's meeting for two hours or so.
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    First of all the author must understand that the meetings are arranged to chalk out future programs, taking stock of already held meeting or arriving at taking some concrete measures for future. In that case skipping meeting being a senior and important officer wont augur well. Being senior officer, you can put your suggestion to the meeting organizers to be brief and do the proceedings fast so that not too much time is wasted on waste bashan or speeches of irrelevant matters. And also suggest that henceforth the meeting would ease up with typed instructions and that would suffice the needs.
    K Mohan
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    Mr. Mohan: How can I tell our top boss (Secretary) to be brief! It is unthinkable and almost a crime!
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    I have often wondered why when drains around the city are cleaned, the muck remains piled up on the side of the roads, only to get pushed back into the drains, when the next shower happens. The officials in the civic department must have the same approach towards their responsibilities.

    1. Complete the tasks assigned to them the previous week
    2. Do not coordinate with other units
    3. Wait for MOM to work on next set of problems, without really knowing the basics

    This is the kind of indifference shown by many government officials. Their attitude towards work is wrong.

    Meetings are meant to address many issues –

    1. You get to know what is going on in other departments
    2. You get to share ideas – offer solutions, share concerns
    3. You get to coordinate with other departments to ensure work is carried out meticulously
    4. You set priorities – not based on MOM, but on what actually is the priority
    5. Meetings are not conducted to give/take orders alone, you also represent your office and your team and your presence is essential, not in your individual capacity, but as a representative of your department.

    These are just a few examples.

    I wish you put aside your personal whims and fancies and attend the meeting, instead of looking at ways to wriggle out of it.

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    I also feel we should not stop attending weekly meetings and review meetings. If we attend the review meeting we can have an idea about what is happening in other departments and how we can compare our progress with the progress of other departments. Another advantage of the meeting is if all the members are actively participating sometimes we will get good clues to our problems.
    Another problem we may face if we are not attending the meeting, we don't have a platform to defend our action and also to have a reachable targets. When you are not attending the meeting, the boss may assign a big task which can't be accomplished in a small duration and it will become a binding to you to accept the MOM ad no can't be avoided.
    In the meetings if everybody participates and actively discuss all matter it will be a good for us to get multiple ideas from different people

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    Why should there be a meeting if the purpose is just to give reports about the previous week and for assignment of new projects? That is something that can be done on a one to one basis. So, the author being a responsible officer need to understand the requirement and importance of such meetings and must participate in them without trying to find excuses as rightly said in the responses above. A system can function effectively only when the officials at all levels understand their responsibility and act accordingly. If we are to find reasons for being absent like school going children, one can only be pessimistic about the future of our nation.
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    In every Ministry of Central Government, there is a system of weekly meeting to discuss important issues which require inter-departmental co-ordination and special attention of very senior Officers. Some of the tasks are sub-divided by the top boss and delegated to lower-level officers. On completion of those tasks, further tasks of special nature are given.

    Although I didn't feel like attending the meeting, ultimately I had to attend. I submitted the report of previous week, got new task and enjoyed good quality coffee with cashew nuts.

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    Got some very good lectures on responsibility. Despite being a moody person, I have been forced to handle Adminsistration Division (onsidered to be the most important division) for more than 6 long years in the present capacity. Earlier before this promotion, I used to handle same division in other Ministries at a lower level. I am going to complete 28 years of service in Govt. on 28th August, and I have been handling Administration (Personnel) Division for more than 22 years. Feeling bored now.
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    So much so for all the opinions and suggestions. Now, since the author has attended the meeting, it would be better to lock the thread now.
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