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    How are children used for election campaigning?

    As when I saw in Television and real-time of election campaigning of different parties whether it is state or central elections as people who say they are followers or party workers of particular parties raise the slogans in favor of their parties and also have a party flag in their hand but if you keenly observe there are children's who are in the campaigning where they need to go school but they are on the roads.What is Election commission doing? why are they not taking stringent action against the party who are using children for their election campaigning? What is Child labor act or law organizers doing?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    It is true. Many children who don't have even voting power will be participating in pole campaigns. It is still a mystery. How they are coming to these campaigns. Of course it is not a job. For an outsider it appears as if the boy himself opting for campaigns as he s having belief in that particular candidate. It is not a paid job and hence no question of child lab. Thisor. But the question is why students who don't have any voting rights are participating in campaigns? Is it legally acceptable? A person who is not eligible for voting can't participate in elections and also in campaigns. But this is not strictly enforced in India? A person who don't have a voting right can't participate in election campaign also. This should be enforced here so that these young boys can keep away from politics and continue their studies without any deviation.
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    I am dead against this, as students never should used for any such activities and we should make them to understand the necessity of education. It is pity to see many children are in the streets without education and they are in (though there are enactments etc.,)child employment. We see many small boys and girls are in hotels, and car mechanic shops etc., Moreover, I am dead against to the school leader elections and college union leader elections etc., What makes them to form a union etc., for an educational institutions. Children should never be utilized for political purpose and election purpose etc.,
    They should be used for protection etc., by people also on any circumstances as this may cultivate the negative aspect in mind.

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