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    Please update the article date of recently updated and approved article

    Hello editors of Article section,

    Please update the date of the article from 2011 to latest date on which it was approved.

    which was submitted by necessary content addition and quality improvement.
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    Paresh, article editors have been informed for necessary action. Please wait for a response.
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    The article which you mentioned above is hidden from search engines and is locked from editing. What exactly is your concern? Please clarify.

    Thanks & Regards

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    The article that I am talking about is edited by my few days before but the update date is still same (as of old posting date). Please update it to the current date.
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    How can you update when the article is locked for editing? If you could do so, then seems there could be some bug and will be reported to the WM.

    In case, you edit / update the article, it should come to New Submission for re-review / re-approval by the editors and once the article is re-approved automatically the updated date will appear.

    Thanks & Regards

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