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    Should love-jihad cases be investigated by NIA?

    Despite every effort to hide the issue under the dark carpet by the members of 'secu-libu' brigade, the cat is finally out of the bag. The Hon'ble Supreme Court has heard one of the innumerable love-jihad cases in Kerala and in some other parts of the country, and has directed the NIA to investigate the issue. The issue inter-alia involves sending the young women to Yemen and Syria to become the objects of lust of ISIS animals. Not only that, these immature young women are being brain-washed 'not to spare' even their parents, because the women are now following different religion! The Apex Court has also directed to enquire about the 'Sathya Sarani', the religious conversion centre located at Manjeri in Kerala.

    The intelligentsia belonging to the brigade mentioned above has as usual started making various dissenting noises, but the Court has given a firm direction. But I would like to know the opinion of other Members of ISC whether the matter should be investigated by NIA, or not. I feel that the entire issue has security ramifications, so these cases must be thoroughly investigated by NIA. The CID under the State Government of Pinarayi Vijayan can't be completely trusted in this matter.

    Members, what is your opinion in this regard?
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    I totally agree with the author that this matter should be investigated by NIA. It's a very serious matter because it is connected to the largest terrorist group ISIS. There have been numerous cases of love-jihad in different parts of country like Kerala and Bengal. It's like a honey trap which is used by Muslims to trap Hindu girl in the web of love and then brain wash her to adopt Islam and marry that Muslim. After marriage they either divorce them or send them to Syria to become sex slaves of ISIS terrorists. Sometimes they are also used as suicide bombers.
    ISIS is increasing its range rapidly in Kerala and according to sources there are also some camps of ISIS running in Kerala that are providing training to operate guns and bombs to terrorists. These camps brain wash Muslim youths in the name of religion and encourage them to commit JIhad by killing Kafir. Yes, all those who do not obey Islamic rules and regulations are called Kafir and this is the major reason that terrorists target mainly non Muslims.
    This love jihad is also a part of same propaganda. So, absolutely this issue should be investigated by NIA and the culprits should be brought to book immediately.

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    I also feel that NIA is the correct agency to conduct this enquiry. Any team on which state government has an influence may not be able to investigate case without any bias. Also court has given direction that the enquiry has to carried out by NIA. Love jihadi cases are increasing and innocent ladies are getting targeted. The number of this type of incidents are increasing. Many non Muslim girls are targeted and making them scapegoats for their lust and desires. Some are pretending as if they are marrying these girls but selling them to ISIS terrorist and they are being used as sex slaves. Why this ISIS activities are increasing in Kerala ?Why the non Muslim girls are targeted? A thorough unbiased investigation is required and that can be performed by NIA. NIA has to start the work at the earliest under bring all the culprits to the court for punishment.
    always confident

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    Furthermore, another alarming trend is that both UDF and LDF in Kerala are playing cheap vote-bank politics and are trying to ignore the issue. They are trying to simply hide this terrible and painful trend in the name of freedom of choice. This freedom of choice of getting sold in the market of Yemen and Syria must be checked at all cost.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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