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    Should negative marks be there in the objective type of examinations?

    As in the mode of objective examination especially in competitive examinations, many people will think that luck factor will play a major role in succeeding the exams.To curb the luck factor Negative marks are introduced in many competitive examinations. As soon as the job aspirants knew that competitive exams have negative marks they will not apply for the post and so fewer job or higher educational aspirants there to participate in exams less revenue(in the form of registration fee) generated to the government, as a result, they have taken out negative marks in many of the competitive exams.Do you think Negative marks should be there in competitive exams or not?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Yes absolutely there should be negative marking in competitive exams. It's not a luck game where everyone could take a chance and some undeserved candidate will get the job and those who are really talented remain jobless. The main motive of organizing competitive exam is to select best and hard working candidate and negative marking is one the factors that refine the candidates so that only best could make it to the final list.

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    Half knowledge is always dangerous to self and others. In exams too especially in competitive exams, the standards has to be superlative and hence by introducing the negative marks compulsion, the candidates are put to real test as they cannot go by assumption and presumption in answering any questions if they have even little bit of doubt. Either too there were tendency to tick the answers randomly and in some case by luck the candidates used to pass the written exams. And when it comes to personal interview and asking same questions again they fumbled in front of the committee and thus invited cancellation of admission and so on. The negative marking in NEET exam resulted in weeding out of more than 6 lakh candidates out of 11.5 lakh appeared for the Medical entrance stream. Now the candidates would have understood the importance of being in competition.
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    I am always of the opinion that MCQ type examinations cannot fully judge the calibre of the students. Although I myself have qualified many MCQ-type examination, my view is still the same. There is always a probability of unworthy candidates clearing MCQ type examinations.

    So, notwithstanding the system of negative marking, I demand complete overhaul of the system of competitive examinations at every level.

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    The basic and sole idea behind negative marking in objective test is to discourage guessing. There are many students who will try to gain marks through guessing.

    The purpose of objective test is to test the knowledge of the students in minimum time without the hassles of detailed question answer sheets and their evaluation.

    In most of the objective type tests there is one negative mark for 3 wrong answers. In fact there are many people who support the idea that there should be 1 negative mark for 1 wrong answer to discourage the students completely for guessing.

    There is no other way to stop a student for answering a question which he does not know.

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    Negative marking system is good as the person will not dare to put an answer by guess work. People who knows the correct answer for that question only will attempt to answer. Otherwise he will not attempt. By this we can judge the capability and knowledge of the person exactly. We should encourage negative marking.
    However as felt by Partha multiple answer questions will not give a correct idea of the caliber of the person. So instead of multiple answer question some descriptive type question answers are also good to test the in depth knowledge of the candidate. A complete overhauling of the examination pattern is required, I think

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    I feel negative marking is needed in competitive exams, it is because these contain objective type questions. The questions in which you have to choose among the multiple choices. If there will not be any negative marking here, then there will not be any point in judging the best out of all. Marking will not play much role then. Negative marks are definitely needed to judge the student on each particular question.
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