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    Why government schools are being treated as Aana, Khana, Jaana instead of good education ?

    The Central government is very firm with its education for all policy and gone one step ahead to provide free meals to the children with great nourishment. The policy makers thought that free meals would induce the parents and child to be in school and study. But in most of the village schools, the students are coming only for eating the free meal and then disappearing. That means they are not interested with education. What should be done by the government to induce the children to stay back and study in the school ?
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    As we all know, barring a few exceptions, the standard of teaching in government schools are much inferior in comparison to private schools. Therefore, only the students from the poor class join these schools. They are not very serious about their studies.

    Sometimes, their parents also want their help in their household chores. Because of this reasons only, the government has introduced the mid-day mill scheme so that the students can be lured to attend schools on regular basis..

    The intention of the government is good, no doubt but it cannot be successful without proper cooperation from the parents or guardians.

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    Here there are two important reasons for the failure of government schools. The main reason is the teachers are not very serious about their teaching. They come to schools and just pass the time and go back. In olden days the salaries are low. Even then teachers used to be very serious in teaching and students used to have a fear for the teachers. But these days teachers won't command any respect from students. This is mainly due to the ways of teachers only. They ask students to come for tuitions
    No parent want their ward to study in government schools. So the major portions of good students are going to private and corporate schools only. Only students who can't afford high fees and costly education only get admitted in the schools. They re not very serious about their studies. They spend lot of time in helping their parents in their daily routines. So they make a point to come to school, spend some time , have midday meal and go back.
    As such we can't expect good results from government schools.

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    I feel so sorry to note contents of the posts and the comments about the Govt. Schools. I have an opposite picture in front of me. In Kerala the number of students joined in Govt. Schools has increased by thousands during these years.
    Most of these schools are well equipped and have got qualified teachers. The teachers in Govt. Schools are qualified as specified by Govt. They are selected through State PSC. They are given in - service training almost every year. The curriculum is insisting on learning through doing. Several extra-curricular activities are introduced as part of acquisition of knowledge. Smart class rooms are there in some of the schools and computer labs are also provided. Library facilities and arrangements for reading news papers are provided. There is a parent - teacher association and a School Mangement Committee (SMC) in every school. In SMC in addition to selected teachers and HM, representatives of education experts, social workers, retired experts and neighbouring people will be there. These groups meet very often to oversee the functioning of the schools. Personally I am a member of SMCs of my neighbouring Govt. UPS and GovtLGovtLPS.

    Kerala spending a good amount towards strengthening these schools. The physical management of these schools are done by the respective local self governments.
    S. S. L. C.results in the last year was about 97 %.


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    Sankaran sir there may be exceptions and there are some good schools to which even Collectors children are being sent for education. But the general scenario is discussed here.
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    You are right .Govt . school don't play active role in imparting activities among students.The results are these schools are the places ,where students come to eat and go homes.There was a report published in paper ,Govt school class v students are not pronounced correctly Hindi or English words.In my state although the teachers of Govt .schools have degrees but they have no qualities.The teachers of Private or Public schools do hard labor ,they have got a good training.They take interest in teaching.Selection process are changed today ,it may be possible that in future there will be good solution.
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    Sankaran Sir,

    I am glad to know that the Govt. Schools in Kerala are so good in terms of quality education. However, the picture is not that much rosy in many other states. The standard of the Govt. Schools in many states have degraded so much that the parents do not wish to send their children in there. Only those who are unable to afford high fees of the public schools are compelled to do so. Although, I do agree that there are exceptions also.
    Actually, the teachers in most of these schools, though competent, do not take interest in teaching. They know that their job is secured and so they prefer to spend their time either sitting and gossiping in the staff room or simply passing their time in the classrooms. The students also take advantage of their laxity and do everything except study.
    Though the Govt. is making every effort to ensure quality education in every Govt. school but until and unless the teachers realise their responsibility, it would be really difficult to achieve the desired goal.

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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