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    Do celebrities restrict them selves when posting sensitive comments in social websites?

    As in the recently concluded Champions Trophy, we saw Virendra Sehwag showing too much of patriotism and fall on his own pit when India lost the match to Pakistan as he said before the beginning of the final match we will soon know who is Father and who is Son.When India lost the last match he became silent.Not only this there are many celebrities crossing the line when posting some matter on twitter it may be regarding race, sex or nationalism.Do celebrities contain them selves when posting sensitive comments in social websites?If it is a common man like me nobody cares but the person who is under celebrity tag many people will follow him. Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Many celebrities are feeling freedom to post their views on social media especially twitter and that is trolled immediately, The other day Ram Gopal Varma made some comments on drug mafia and drug abuse in Hyderabad where in some actors and film personalities are involved. When his comments were trolled, he immediately changed his version. So what I mean to say that celebrities out of their sheer eagerness to share something in social media and get highlighted, often wont verify the facts and end up getting brick bats from the followers and thus they either retract statement or say sorry.
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    Nowadays many celebrities are becoming very open and expressing their views on social media. Many of them are expressing their views on Twitter. Very rarely they come on to face book and other social media channels. But they all use Twitter very often. Pavan Kalyan, R G Varma,Jr. N T R and many other famous personalities use Twitter for their views.
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