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    Addiction in our present life

    What do you think is the addiction in our life presently? Is it internet, that we always entertainment and fun. Internet is becoming an addiction to people these days. Is it the happening craze of electronic gadgets like the new and trending smartphones like recent days, people had craze for Google pixel phones. Some or the other way, everybody has a sort of addiction or in other terms excessive demand of something in life, what could that be?
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    What I feel that instead of internet people are more addicted to taking selfies with their smart phones and updating their living style on every minute basis. The other day I had been to Charminar area along with my relatives for shopping and the girl was keeping on taking selfies and sending it to the social site. And while purchasing stone bangles which are famous, she was taking images and sending to various friends and seeking their opinion on which bangle to buy. Such is the craze that she is not taking any decision of purchasing on her own and purely depending on others choice and their acceptance of the product. The shop owners were also got furious and even chided her not to advertise all their products without buying anything. So one cannot stick on to their addiction and that will give bad effects to them. Use the cell phone in limited way and get the benefits as it comes.
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    What's common between drugs,tobacco,alcohol, internet etc..; They all stimulate our imagination. Humans are addicted to imagining .
    They would get addicted to anything that stimulates their imagination.
    But to be honest, world has never been this smart before. Errors are just in theory now. With advent of internet anyone can be an owner of perfection. After all, internet is just a group of individuals connecting with each other. If used correctly, there's no better tool than internet.

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    People want to have more fun in their life. Nowadays there is no botheration for money. Everyone is having money more than required. So they have lot of spare time. They always try to spend that time in happy go ways.
    Another aspect is in the houses also we don't have many persons to share our joy or sorrow. Father will come very late in the evening from office. Mother will be busy in her household works or outside works. The child will be alone. Nobody to talk or discuss. There are only two ways. One is to watch TV. Many people are hesitating to put on their TVs as the programs are not very interesting to them. Only alternative is smart phone with internet. That is how students are getting addicted to these phones and internet. Internet surfing is good as long as you are in correct sites. Olden days in common families more children and they used to play among themselves. But now small families and hence virtual games.

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