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    Idol worship - real worship of God or just a name

    According to google , idol worship means the worship of an "idol", also known as a cult image, in the form of a physical image, such as a statue or icon.
    In Hinduism, people prefer to have the faith that "God is one", but we have various faces of Gods. We worship them in many forms. In Islam, people have the belief that God has no shape, no view , no appearance, hence they always pray to God through a "prayer mat" - which is a niche represent the mihrab of a mosque. They even have some directions of praying. In Christianity, people pray Lord Jesus and always pray by presenting a praising speech to God with soft music. Different religions follow their own way of worship. Then, how does idol worship come into picture? Why do people consider that idol worship is not any holy way of praying as we cannot worship God as a "murti" or statue. I have seen many people in our Hindu culture also, who think that we do idol worship, is it right in any sense? They sometimes even say that because of this they do not believe in God. Is this a reason to not have belief on him, I do not think so. Today, in our society, people think in such a "logical" way, that they even say that there is no God. I feel bad for such a view, but yes we cannot say anything about it, because it is theirs. In my simple words, I will say God is within us, our soul, he protects us from all problems, and also allow us to face toughest situations to learn about life, loves us deeply. He lives through us always. But why this thing is getting strange, as they have started to think this way. People who are atheist and are non-believer, I have no concerns for them, but those who had belief are changing their thoughts, the point I raised is for them.
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    This has been the most controversial subject and when ever it was discussed their used to be different of opinions from the followers of various faith and obviously end up with heated exchanges. Idol worship has been in place since many years and it has been coming as the tradition in Hindu culture. There are three crore Devatas in this world and not every one is worshiped. Those who are having the idols are being adorned and prayed. Just having a idol is not enough. An Idol gets power once people start it worshiping with great devotion. My elders used to say us that we should not visit such temples which is kept closed and no rituals done on daily basis. That means if a idol is created and not prayed or adorned, it wont have the power of giving boon. Why people prefer to visit Tirumala temple because lakhs of people visit the temple daily and the say their prayers and thus that idol got immense power to grant your wants.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    You believe that every religion preaches love right? Heres a question. Imagine you got a message tomorrow on your phone by an unknown stranger. You both talk for a long time and you seem interested in him. Won't you ask him for his photo in the next chat?
    It's as simple as that. Love needs a direction.
    Love directed towards everywhere, isn't love at all.
    Idol serves as a direction to love.
    If you're fluent in your belief or love towards your God, you dont need his idol.
    You install an image of him in your heart.
    We are just falling in love, but in different ways.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Although I am not a person who has in-depth knowledge about religion, I think that idol-worship exists in all societies in different forms. Sami Vivekananda proved it more than one hundred years ago when he visited Sultan of Junagadh. However, the fashionable trend since Nehruvian period is to ridicule religious practices of Hinduism.

    Time has come to ostracize those who ridicule majority community of India.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Hindu religion preaches both forms of devotion. They God is Nirgunakara. That means there is no shape to God. Some people believe in God with a shape. When you pray a God you should concentrate on God and pray for him. If you sit in one place and start praying you will get disturbed and look all the sides and you don't know where you have to concentrate. This implies that you are not concentrating in your prayers. People who can concentrate on prayer without getting diverted don't require any idol. Many people can't do it. So if we have an idol before us and if we call it as God, your concentration will be in that direction and you will be focused on that side. Slowly you can start praying by closing your eyes, you will not get disturbed. The main point here is the concentration. How you concentrate is your choice. As mentioned by Mr. Mohan there more than 3 crores of Gods. We imagine the shapes of the God by the description given in Vedas and Puranas.
    Hiranyakasipa asked where is Your God. Prahlada replied, he is everywhere and anywhere. Wherever you search you can find God. The message here is the power of finding the God should be with you.
    Hindu religion is not a religion. It is a way of life. It teaches us how we have to live, what are good deeds , what are bad deeds. What we can do and what we can't do. All these things will be learnt through the famous books of this religion.

    always confident

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    Good point raised by author. I strongly believe god is there because my grandpa use to say that every action we do from morning to evening it is all his wish. He gives to your mind to do so. Even lifting our hand is also his wish. He use to say Idol is just an representation that god may be like this as it is mentioned in many Hindu Purana's. According my grandpa god is invisible he has no shape and no color. Those who don't believe god also believe him in other form by saying luck. He use to say those type of thoughts are also put to them by him it self. Thus god is invisible and everywhere as per my belief. I don't force that's truth. Those who don't believe its OK there is time for everything.

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