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    A morning walk, the freshest feeling ever!

    Getting up early in the morning and going out for a walk has always been considered to have a rejuvenating effect on your body and mind. Do you go for a walk or do some physical exercises in the morning? What are the activities you prefer and how do they benefit you? Share your experiences here so that others are benefited.

    I recently started to care for my health and I found jogging as a better alternative. It has been a few days since I started jogging with my friends and found it very useful, not only physically but it even gives a hype for being mentally fit throughout the day. Its not necessary to sprint, even long walks and playing some sports might do the job. It depends on the area of your interest. I can't express here how beneficial it is, better try it for yourself. If you have few people to accompany you, it becomes even more interesting. You can see drastic change in the performance of your daily chores.

    I have heard that top companies motivate their employees to do some physical exercises early in the morning as with a hype in one's blood flow one could give out double their potential. Thus a company can increase their output and get the best from each and every person who works there. What is your opinion about this? Please share your experiences below.
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    It is always good to have exercise early in the morning preferably before the sun rise and what ever acts you do would keep you in good health and happiness. One can choose walk for a long distance , say up to three or four kilometers and back. One can jog for the same distance and sweat it out. But nothing is good than the brisk walking. Brisk walking occupies the most preferred way of walking as we not only complete the task of the day in walking and also does it with briskness. The sweating would be more in brisk walkers and that is must. So every one wants to have brisk walking as the most preferred way of keeping fit.
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    For physical and mental fitness, morning walk is necessary. In the morning, the air is clean because there are not so many people indulged in activities. Walking is good for health. It is the best exercise. It saves us from heart diseases. It helps in controlling the weight. It reduces high blood pressure. It keeps us fit all the day. It helps us in managing the day time. On the other hand the late risers feel lethargic whole day. Morning walk keeps us physically and mentally fit.
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    Yes. morning walk is a very good fitness way. Early morning, before the sun rises, if you go out for a walk, it gives intense satisfaction and you feel happy throughout the day. When we go out in the morning there will not be heavy traffic and you will find only a few people walking like you on the road. The breeze will be good and you will become very active and you will be active for the whole day.
    Getting up early is a very good habit and if students get up early and study the important topics they will grasp the lesson very fast and they will remember the lesson for long time.

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    It's true that a morning brisk walk helps us to refresh our minds. A few years back I used to go for morning walks with my friend but one day a group of dogs chased both of us that we had to run for our lives. It was hilarious, we laughed our heart out but then after that, we stopped going for morning walks because somewhere in our hearts we had some fear.

    I think it's time that we start our morning walks again.

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    I would like to add another experience from my childhood days about this topic. When I was in my sprouting stages of school days, it was a daily routine for my neighbors and friends to wakeup early and jogg for long period. It not only improved our physical and mental strength but had also helped to build a strong bond between people living nextdoor. Each day everyone will gather in a house of one among us and children would play till the time for school approaches.

    These were one among the memorable childhood experience that I would never forget. The reason why I was that much interested to do exercises at that age was not because I was worried about my health. But it was because of the interest and motivation that people close to you gives. If you have such positive minded people around then you are the luckiest among all.

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