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    Are we becoming over-dependant on computers?

    I work in a Government Office. In Government offices, tremendous stress is given on rules and precedence. It is stated that even if you want to deviate from the precedence, you have to know and submit the precedence.

    However, it has been noted that of late Government offices are also becoming increasingly dependent on computers. Previous data are being stored in computers. Even the rules are being checked from computers (internet).

    I have been thinking whether we are becoming over-dependant on computers, or not. I shudder to think what would happen if the stored data are destroyed because of some unknown computer virus. As a follower of old-timers from whom I have learnt the nitty-gritty of my job, I always insist on keeping records in files. I always keep computer print-outs in relevant files. But I do know that many Government servants are neglecting the files. They are becoming over-dependant on computers.
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    It's a fact that people are becoming over dependent on computers and there is no denying over that.

    We were taught that digital data has DNA and that it can never be deleted, even if it gets deleted from the device it can always be recovered through the forensic test. This concern has always been there that if we upload complete data into a computer what if we lose those data due to simple technical error or a virus. Though data can always be recovered, it's a good practice to a keep a backup of all your important data into another location and by taking back up on regular basis so even if the data is lost it can be recovered.

    Each and every data is going digital as it becomes easier to search, sort and organize. In the coming future papers will become history.

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    Yes the latest technology available to us and the organizations has forced us to depend and rely more on the computer. Since every department in state and central governments has gone digital, there is less scope for having writing part or maintaining records of sorts in file form. But what I strongly feel that manual works were good in government offices as the employees were forced to stay for long hours and complete the file. Now by simply entering the data on already available details, the government employees works has been drastically reduced. However there is always confusion galore of the data were not fed at the required time or date as subsequent information sought would also be confusing and not reliable. So it has become imperative to keep every one update about the modern development in computer technology and see that nothing would be shared or leeked outside.
    K Mohan
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    'But what I strongly feel that manual works were good in government offices as the employees were forced to stay for long hours and complete the file. Now by simply entering the data on already available details, the government employees works has been drastically reduced. '-Does the author feel that data collection and feeding data in computer are the only work of Government employees?
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    Previously the employees used to render and complete their work so that it is passed to the other department for honoring the work and then pass it. Now the work is devised and set in inside the computers, and the employees need not waste time on searching files and information. Just they have to feed their details and pass on to other departments. Frankly speaking the work load has been considerably reduced and that is the reason being so even new rules and regulations introduced now and then are being followed without any delay and that shows the departments are user ready.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It's true that current generation is highly dependent on computers or say it as a digital world. But I don't thing if it's a negative aspect to point out, rather by the implementation of such technologies the greater is the working potential that todays world outsources. Yah there may be risk in keeping every minute informations within the computer but to win the competitions around us, we also should move along with the same pace. Take risk to achieve the best. Cheers !!

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    Computer is being part of our life and we are depending on this because its help us to work fast and all type of office work is being dependent on computer.
    But we need to maintain our family life and spare some time without laptop mobile and computer which will be good for health.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    Yes, we are becoming more dependent on computers and the process has been accelerated by the Digital India program of the present government. I agree with the author that it would be better if we maintain records in government offices as a back-up security so that we don't have to go through the travails of recovering them in case of some cyber attack as feared by the author. In addition to this, I feel that computerization has eroded the personal touch one used to have while dealing with files. It has become mechanical. The way one's mind used to function while going through a file and putting up recommendations or taking decisions have changed, more so in the case of offices that deal with the public directly.
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    #606740: The issue raised by me in this thread it is little bit different. My point is to discuss how we can ensure safety and security of data and information stored in computer. What should we do if the data get destroyed?
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    It is true that dependency of computers has been increasing day by day. Because it is easier to feed data through one strike of a keyboard rather than writing multiple times. It reduces your manual effort to a great extent. People today in the world of technological advancements, have have been finding and researching ways to make they daily work easy, and less time consuming. Private and government sectors both have been indulged into working more on computers, because first of all there is ample Data storage available. Second thing, it consumes very less time. You are done with your work in fraction of seconds. Yes, there is definitely one thing that the data security is at risk if their occurs a technical issue or incoming of a virus. But, in that case, keeping a backup of such important files is the best option. We can keep the delicate and important data in CD's or pen drives if needed.
    Of course, there is dependency, it is because of the numerous benefits available from computers or laptops in this digital world.

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    These days all government and private Organisations are becoming compputerised and all are depending on the data available on computers. As pointed out by the author if something happens to the server the whole data will vanish. Generally all these servers will have back ups and as mentioned by Neethu digital date will not be deleted so easily and even deleted also there are methods to recover.
    But I agree with the author that keeping a hard copy of the information in a file is good. Instead of that we can also plant to sane a soft copy of all the information on a flash drive or external hard disc or CD. By doing this you will have back up arrangement and we need not worry about data getting deleted.
    In mu office I all important documents hard copies in one file. All the informations I store on a external disc and go on deleting from hard discuss as and when the issue is closed permanently.

    always confident

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    Though it is correct in one way it will get vanished if another novel device comes as we were ignore manual counting when calculator comes and ignore calculator when computercome.

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