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    Writing the same thing in different sections

    I want to know whether I can write the same things in different sections of site. I don't mean actually copying whole of it but some parts. Ex:- If I wrote something in forum, forum response or article response and then I am writing an article on a related topic so can I use the material which I wrote before in the other sections? Editors kindly guide me.
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    You can refer your own posts for writing article or answers or responses with modifications in framing of sentences etc but you are not supposed to directly copy paste your content in different sections. Instead you can do interlinking which is recommended than copy pasting the content of your posts.
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    Simply repeating the same matter in different sections may not be a welcome suggestion. The theme can be repeated but should contain more explanation about the matter. For example, a forum thread will be sometimes a few sentences about a particular point. When the same point is presented in an essay more details about the point must be given. Other related issues also must appear there. In short it must be a detailed presentation of the theme.

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    There cannot be any objection to use the own source as the referral in creating articles and in fact that would churn out to be a good detailed resource. It is a good idea mooted by the author. When some one goes out of topic. he can always visit his own threads of importance and also read the responses thereof mentioned by the members and thus co-relate the same and present a very good article. But never use the same words already appeared as that would amount to copy activity. Nevertheless the idea is good and hope other members would also take cue from this post and start writing new articles from their own previous feeds.
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    I can understand what you feel. Because, I too had the same query. While responding to some forum question or article, I realize that, I have some deep thought about the topic and I really wanted to do an article on the same. On the other hand, I would have already given my valid points on that topic in forum itself, So, I get to think about it again, whether it would be considered right or just denied for reproducing the content. But somehow I learnt to give answers in ask expert or in forum according to the question. When it comes to writing article about it, I do read many other related articles and sites, gain some more knowledge about it, and then refresh my ideas. Then automatically, you will some more content or different thought to write about the same.
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