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    Similarity of names of numerals in Indian languages.

    In our country people talk differently. Even the States were formed based on the local languages. In South there are four States divided on the basis of languages. Not only the language differ, but also the alphabets. Different words are spoken to indicate the same object. Water, thanni , vellam, neeru, paani, all represent the same liquid. But in the case of numerals there is more similarity. Onnu, ondru, onnru all stand for the same. Ek is slightly different. Randu, Irandu stand for two. May be more similarities can be seen if compared with other languages. Comments and examples are welcome.
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    Yes we can find similarities of words in some languages. For example milk as called as Paal in Tamil and it is paalu in Telugu. But some times I gets laughter to the meaning of same word in other languages . For example in Tamil we call the tongue as Nakku where as in Hindi Nakk means Nose. In Telugu the scam is referred as Kumbakonam, where as for the Tamilians it is the holiest place in the state where there are so many temples of high importance are there. In Tamil the ear is called as Kaadhu, but in Telugu kaadhu means no, or not. So one has to know the language well before speaking to others.
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    There are more similarities in numericals as explained by the author. The kannada script and telugu script are having more similarities. So it is easy for a telugu man to read kannada of course he may not understand the complete meaning of the words. If we go deep into the language there are many similarities in words between telugu and tamil. Only a little difference in many words. But the ascent is completely different. Even in telugu words between Andhra and Telangana there are difference. There will be lot of urdu effect on telugu in telangana.
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    Milk is paal in Malayalam also. But in Kannada it is halu. In Malayalam the ten numerals are: onnu, randu, moonnu, naalu, anchu, aaru, ezhu, Ettu , onpathu and poojyam (zero).
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    We are having so many languages with so many similarities in our country.
    Why is it so?
    Why this language diversity?
    So many languages forming in certain places and very few languages in other places. It is difficult to find a definite pattern for this diversity.
    Can anybody explain it?

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    I love the South Indian languages words for Here -There-Where.
    In Tamil - Inge - Ange - Enge
    In Malayalam - Ivvide - Avvide - Evvide
    In Telugu - Ikkada - Akkada - Ekkada
    In Kannada - Illi - Alli - Elli

    This ensures that we are one and not divided by the languages.

    Members from other regions post their words equivalent to Here-There-Where.

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    As told by the author though we call the water as pani,vallam,neeru,thanni etc.,the thing is one and same. Similarly though we call as eshwar,alla,jesu, the God is one.We call our child in different names/ways in lovethough the christned one name but the child is one and same. So the unique in languages etc, is indicating we all are equal.

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    You think that's weird. See this:

    German: eins zwei drei vier funf sechs seben acht neun zehn .
    English: one two three four five six seven eight nine ten .
    Sanskrit: eka dwai triya chatvari pancha shat saptha asht naua dasa.

    Except the words four and five, all other words are utterly similar. Even the spelling kind of coincide. I think we humans learnt how to count before how to write. So name of the numbers remained the same everywhere.
    Infact, these words are similar in even Greek, Spanish and Tamil etc..;

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