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    What divides people the most - religion, opinion, or money?

    Ever wondered what is it that creates divisions between people? Is it differences in opinions, religion or financial issues? Give your views in this interesting discussion.

    Since years, people are divided with their opinions, religion and money matters. Your opinions just do not match with others and so you are not with him/her; your religion is different from that of others so you are not in his/her group; if money affects someone because of somebody, he/she will get separated from that person. These are all natural behavior of humans. However, which among these has the stronger effect to divide people?

    As per my thinking, "money" is the strongest among these three which divide people. No one wants to lose his/her wealth for anyone, no matter what the situation is. Of course, there are exceptions, but most of the time it can be seen or felt. Money creates differences in deep relationships (including blood relationships) and divides people.

    What about your experience or thinking?
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    Though people say that they are well educated and well mannered but when it comes to recognition and getting rewarded , they take the separate route of religion, opinion and money. Many forward looking persons who have immensely benefited through their religion tag, would certainly help the fellow persons of same religion and thus one group of religion goes on flourishing. Like wise if your opinion coincides and matches with the like minded person, you are spotted and given the push in right direction. Lastly those who have money they buy anything except the birth and death.
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    I am from the state Kerala where different religious people lives together without any problems. We share both happy and sad moments and helps each other. It's our belief to worship which god and it does not divide the people. According to me it's Money which divides the people, the most. Money divides the peoples as high class, middle and low class. In my state there are different rules and regulations for different classes of people. If he or she have money, then they can acquire what they need. Present condition is, if we have money, then we have a good position in our society.

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    In maximum cases, it is the money that divides people, their family and relationships. People in the greed for more money wants to be apart. Opinions equally play a major role for dividing people, sometimes people in same family think in a different perspective and out of jealousy and non-acceptance of each other's behavior, they think of living separate. Religion in today's time is also playing a major role in dividing people. People are dividing and converting to other religions and following their religious beliefs. It happens because of lack of understanding and cooperation among people. Today, nobody listens to understand anything, people just listen to reply back to the other person with a thought that what they think is right and not the other person. It is necessary to understand in order to sort out matters, but in most of the cases, it is the ego and a negative attitude that makes people go against each other.
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    According to me,the divider is money only as no rich and poor unite whereas two different religion people will get unity,different opined people accept.

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    The above response from everyone so far said is that money is the most stronger reason to divide people. This is true and fact, where money is involved no matter whatever form whether it is reward or award, personal benefit or any thing in which money involved, people get divided. After all its human nature to run behind money and why not?

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    Yes. Money can do miracles. For many disputes we see in the society money is involved. There is no relation or friendship when the question of money comes. When the money comes into picture everybody will change their opinion. Even if there is a dispute between two people generally this society will support the person who is rich without seeing the facts. It may not be correct in all 100% cases. But in many cases it happens.
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    The division between people is mainly due to the financial matters. Money has got a great power of influencing the mind of people and for materialistic gains people can go to any extent.

    At the same time for poor class and common masses and to some extent the upper classes also religion also plays dominant role in dividing them in different groups. The division of society on the basis of religion is much more prevalent in some religions rather than all religions.

    Though money and religion both are dominant factors but depending on situation one of them takes the front seat.

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