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    Is hockey no longer alive in West Bengal?

    Hockey has never been very popular in West Bengal. Very few young men and women play hockey compared to men or women playing football, cricket, badminton, table tennis and even tennis. Hockey has always been confined to 3 to 5 schools in Central Calcutta and in St. Xaviers' College, again in Central Calcutta.

    Surprisingly however, Bengal has produced some great hockey players with such a limited pool of players. Keshav Dutt, legendary Leslie Caludius, Gurbaux Singh, Ves Paes, Robert Claudius and Baljeet Saini played for India and won many laurels for the country.

    Unfortunately, Bengal hockey has been dying a very fast death during the last ten years. The number of clubs with hockey teams are dwindling. The hockey fields are not maintained. Even the prestigious Beighton Cup is being organised in a very miserable manner.

    Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) must immediately take note of the miserable condition of hockey in West Bengal and take immediate steps to revive the game, at least in Kolkata.
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    Normally we heard that foot ball is famous in Kolkatta and West Bengal. But from the author we could able to gauge that even hockey was favorite game in WB and the state has produced great stalwarts in the past. On the national basis too the hockey game need to be promoted in big way. Like in cricket, league matches should be played between companies, between districts and between states and thus when the game is played regularly , the interest to watch and be in the game would increase. That tempo will keep the game alive. Otherwise, there are impending danger to the very survival of the hockey game in Kolkatta.
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    Not only im west Bengal the hockey is loosing its importance all over the country. Like BCCI , IHF is not promoting the game. The craze for cricket is another reason for this. Hockey players are not getting much attention unlike cricket players. IHF has to become active and should find ways to improve the game.Otherwise Hockey will become an History in India.
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    During my youth, at least three or four hockey grounds were properly maintained in Calcutta. Besides these grounds, Khalsa Boys' School, Bhowanipore and St. Xaviers' School & College also maintained their hockey grounds. Unfortunately, last year prestigious Beighton Cup was almost cancelled because even one ground was not ready! Astro turf is a distant dream for Bengal hockey.
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