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    Suicidal Thoughts: Has it ever occurred in your mind?

    It's a very serious topic, have you ever thought of committing suicide? Has it ever crossed your minds? If not your mind it could be possible that your friends or colleagues might have confessed about this thought process to you.

    How do you deal with people who tell you that they feel totally hopeless and would prefer to commit suicide?

    Depression and negativity around you is a very serious thing, I have read many confession where people have written that if they were brave they would have committed suicide but I believe that being brave is to fight your battle. Sometimes it just takes a moment to change your life. But many give up their life in haste, the void they leave behind in the minds of their parents and close ones in irreplaceable.

    Even if you feel that there is no reason to live, live for the sake of that one moment which could change your life forever. Nothing in this life is created to be useless, everything is born with a purpose. Even through your failures when you rise up, that's when you actually become victorious.

    The most recent one trending is the Blue whale game, it's learned that though the creator is behind the bars the game has got a life of its own. It's targeting people who are depressed.

    Let's unite together and be with our friends who are in the depression, let's give every moral support that they need. If that doesn't help don't hesitate to seek professional advice.

    Life is very precious, once lost its gone forever and there is no turning back.
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    Suicide is mainly caused due to extreme depression. I feel those people who are not able to share their problems or issues with anyone, and are dying deep inside their heart, cursing something which they could not get or they could not achieve. If that person is left alone in their worse and tough situations, he/she can commit suicide. Committing suicide is nowhere a solution to any problem, instead one needs to fight with it, maintaining the hope within themselves. Some people lose hope quite early and they get worried, but you need to stand up and fight for yourself, if you want something. God has given this beautiful life of a human being, one should not just end up like this.

    I have seen and heard many of the cases in student lives, where students out of bad behaviour of teacher or being treated badly by seniors or due to not getting good scores in exams, they hang themselves and commit suicides. It is very sad and disappointing, such children needs to be taught about the importance and purpose a human life holds.

    God loves his creatures and will never like to bear heavy pain seeing this. I would say , if people even get such thoughts, they should be taken for appropriate Counselling, even if it is a child or an adult. You should love yourself, your life, the opportunity you have been provided as a human to do something purposeful on this earth, to have a name among the population. Committing suicide and ending up your life is no way a solution to the problem, it needs to be sorted out and resolved. Also, parents should also be taught on how to understand and behave with their child and love them. Children should not be left lonely, they need love from their parents to grow and their opinions in order to take decisions in life.

    Stay happy and stay healthy. :)

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Suicide is a coward act. In our life we may face problems. But every problem will have a solution. We should think positively and see the best way to solve our problems. You have to share your problems with your near and dear. Then you should be able to find a solution. But many people keep their problem in their mind and they hesitate the same with others. He will sit aloof and starts worrying about the problem. In this process they will get stressed and loose confidence in them. As the worrying increase he will become disappointed and his thought process will go in the direction of how to avoid the problem instead of solving it. Some times that will lead to the thoughts about suicide.
    Nowadays the school going children are getting pressurised as they are not able stand up to the expectations of their parents. At the same time they are not able convince their parents with the reasons. Such people are going for this coward act. Here the culprits are the parents. Not the children. If children are not able to get marks as they expect, parents should console them and encourage them. Every parent wants his ward to be number one. This is not at all correct. Parents should know the caliber of their children and accordingly they shoul see that their wards will perform to their best and should not compare with others. This approach will help students to stop thinking about suicide.
    If any known person was in depression we should advise him properly and encourage him to face the problem instead of running away from the problem. If necessary we should take him to a psychiatrist and see that he will get proper advice and proper care. That will give him confidence and try to face the problems. Instead of that if we discourage him his depression will increase and his thoughts will go towards suicide.
    We should be careful with people who are under depression and treat them positively so that they will become optimistic.

    always confident

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    Who gets the suicidal thought ? A person who cannot survive the challenge and the situation before him to which he may not have planned to surge. In our life ups and downs are bound to happen and for that matter leaving from the life and the thought itself a great sin. Those who are confronted with challenges and unusual situations in life must understand the universal fact that when a problem occurs, it has many ways to get rid off and some problems subsidize on its own. When there are such probabilities , then why one should resort to suicidal tendencies. Moreover committing suicide is not that easy, Many have attempted and were failed and thus begin to earn a new life. What I mean to stress here that by merely attempting to suicide we are running away from the expectations of ourselves and others and those who have a claim in us are the most unfortunate persons when we commit suicide suddenly. So avoid such situations.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I never thought such. But people do not simply suicide, there is a reason behind. Sometimes people become so helpless that they do not want to live further any more. There is nothing wrong in doing suicide. Now it is permitted by law in India.
    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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    No No No Never in my life. In fact,I have created my own Tamill proverb "Sothanai Ethanai Vandhaalum, Ennada Vaazhkai Enru Maranathai Azhaikkathe" Means - Let any amount of tests come in your life, please don't invite death for your rescue. This was sent to Srilanka Radio for broadcasting, and they promptly accepted and delivered it for 30 minutes with songs commencing with each word (8 Tamil songs). Through this, I could get many pen friends both from India and Srilanka.
    No life without Sun

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    Frankly, no one but the person who has the suicidal thinking can save his/her life. Before I say anything we should know that the more strongest and sensitive part of our body is our Brain. This is the part which allow people to do impossible and unbelievable work, at the same time this is the part which allow people to become animal. The more we can control our mind the better we can do in our life.

    What is suicidal thought and why it comes to one's mind?

    Let's talk about it in details, the people who does not know to control their mind, allow their mind to get negativity get inside. Slowly, the bad thought if not controlled, it cover entire mindset. And, finally the person lost his control over mind, take suicidal action. Here, I would like to mention if we try to control our mind and bring more positive thoughts, is the only way to get away with suicidal thinking.

    I am just talking about my experience, it happened long back when I was single and had to go lots of trouble during my struggle days. The negative thoughts start creating its own space in my mind, it also happened when I started thinking going to medical counsellor. However, before this I wanted to get myself into it and try to fight within me. I may not be the most knowledgeable man but I know its all about your mind the way you think. I knew, if I control my mind and can get rid of any trouble. I started inserting my other positive thing which I have in me into my brain. I started saying, I am the best and I can do anything what other can do. I started thinking the most worst part of my life from where I came out winning. I trust my will power and this is what let my mind to remove this deadly thinking. After some days, I was able to remove totally the thinking of suicidal thought. Yes, there are ups and down, there are the worst day, there are difficult days, but if you can order your mind positive way. Believe me, one can achieve the impossible.

    Every human kind is special, everyone has their own positive vibes, we just know to this power internally and such kind of negative thoughts will never reach to you, even it comes to you, you can easily remove it from your mind power. I still do, I still fight but I still can command my mind positive way. I start doing meditation whenever I get trouble or need to awake my brain power. Try it, you will come to know what I am talking.

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    What is suicide ? Is stabbing, hanging or shooting yourself is a suicide? There are many ways to end a life.
    Not taking your life seriously and willingly putting yourself in danger. Isn't that a suicide? Not concentrating or focusing. Doesn't that lead to suicide? Walking aimlessly and senselessly on road irrespective of the speeding vehicles will definitely kill you. There are as many definitions of suicide than there are methods to commit one.

    Now. Have suicidal thoughts emerged in my mind? Yes, from a very tender age. I believe I'm suffering from anxiety and depression. This often clouds my rather practical and rational mind. So how to get rid of these thoughts?
    Just sit down, breathe and think. If you have ever lived your life to the fullest, suicide would never occur to you.
    Life is just so beautiful and rare to be wasted. Think of the things and people you love.

    As for the Blue Whale game, I've played it. It's not that addicting and dangerous. Only the weak give in to the temptation. Or maybe my review on the game is like this because I was told beforehand that at the last level I might end my life, whereas my predecessors weren't that fortunate. This addicting game grew upon them strongly and the end was uncalled for.
    Now that everyone knows what the last level is, I don't think there will be as many deaths as predicted.
    So, this game is practically useless now.
    No need to worry about it being banned. FYI, the people in my class would go as far as hacking into or using fake domains or emails to download that app. There is no bound to human curiosity. Government is doing no good by popularizing this game. It's ban will only produce the contrary effect.

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    I would rather dedicate my soul and mind to Illuminati than commit suicide.

    Life is a map. This map is drawn by you. Each decision leads to a different road with its own set of questions.

    A person who tells to commit suicide it's just an absurd.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    Yes, the idea of suicide hit most of the people at some point or other. Many of them move on, controlling their emotions and feeling while some fail to cope up with depression and seek freedom from all the problems and difficulties in their life by committing suicide.
    I want to confess today that once the same idea hit me too. At that time I was very young, studying in only 6th standard. I used to think that my parents only like my younger brother and for every small disputes or childish quarrel between us, they used to chide me only. Sometime I was also punished. This behaviour of my parents affected deep inside my heart and I thought that if they only want my brother then what am I doing in this world. So, I decided to commit suicide to teach them a lesson. I got some expired medicine and ate them. But, that was not my time to return back to heaven. Nothing happened, the medicines had no effect. I did not felt even headache or stomache. With time I also moved on and now whenever I think of this issue, I thank God for this life and yes, I thank that chemist too whose medicine did not react even after expiry date.

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