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    How many of you still listen to the radio?

    As a new electronic product comes into the market, the old ones are being replaced and is getting totally ignored. Similarly the radio was very rare in the earlier days. People used to assemble in one common place like park, Panchayat office etc to hear radio programs, especially news. Later FM relay has been introduced. Now, do any of you listen to the radio even today? I am regularly using radio for hearing news and carnatic music.
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    I hear radio for FM station. We have a transistor in our house. I will try on it everyday for some time. Daily I travel a lot. Almost 2 to 3 hours I will be sitting in my car. During this time I hear FM radio for songs.
    In our childhood days in the entire village only in one house there was a radio. Every Sunday all the people used to gather in their house at 3.00 PM to hear cinema dialogues. We used to call the lady owner of that house as Radio Aunty. Near our house, Panchayati office was there, they used to put on Radio for news and farmer's programs. Many people used to gather there for hearing these programs. But now the radio is very rarely seen in the houses. TVs are more prominent. Music from smart phone and songs from smart phone are famous now. It is happy to note that still some are using these radios for some program or other.

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    Although I have discontinued the habit of listening to radio/transistor long back, the thread by Mr. Pattabiraman has brought back many sweet memories.
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    I am having a small transistor radio and some times listens to Vividh Bharathi for the listening pleasure of old Hindi songs. Though the new FM stations are many and available with clear voice, all of them are playing the new songs only either in Hindi or Telugu. But no FM station is concerned about old songs. Likewise I am die hard fan of instrumental music whether from films or from other sources. That is also not played in any FM stations. But All India Radio during the time interludes they play the instrumental music from old Hindi songs and that were really soothing to the ears.
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    Well, I always listen radio whenever I have free time. I don't know why I enjoy it so much. Perhaps, listening radio reminds me of my childhood.

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