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    Is hypocrisy a part of human nature? If not, why do we pretend?

    Do you consider hypocrisy natural to humans? Give supporting views on your opinion.

    I don't want to make a general statement as such but I don't think it would be totally wrong to say that most of us are hypocrites; if not always, but certainly most of the time. We project ourselves in one way but are actually different when it comes to the point, to the point of an individual or beliefs or to something that relates or matters to us. We discuss about the evils in the society, about divide between rich and the poor, about secularism and religion, about freedom, corruption and so many issues that we experience or get to see around us. We do take sides at times as per our beliefs and convenience and remain neutral at times. Without going into many details, I will bring my point in with a few examples-

    We talk against corruption and are vociferous when it comes to spewing criticism against corrupt officials and politicians; but we don't mind greasing one's palm when we want to get some job done.

    We talk about secularism but are not really secular. We talk about being united in the name of a religion but shift our policies when it comes to a discussion regarding castes or sects within a religion.

    We talk of patriotism and nationalism but get perturbed when someone criticizes your region; you forget nationalism and become a Keralite, Tamilian, Bihari or Bengali etc at the smallest provocation.

    When this is the reality and when we know and understand what we actually are as human beings, why do we pretend? Does it help? Does it bring in positive results to the nation as a whole or is it that such hypocrisy functions as a negative trait which will only help in hiding/ distorting facts?
    What is your frank and fair opinion?

    Note: Any personal attack or reference to particular individuals (member or otherwise) in the garb of discussion will not (not) be encouraged. Let us discuss the topic.
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    What you state is very true. All the examples that you have cited are so true.

    The reason people behave in the way you have mentioned is that we focus more on 'image building'. We want to project our best side to the world, to let people be in awe of us. This is human nature. I agree the best of us are hypocrites. And those who deny being one are the biggest hypocrites. People also feel content in saying all the 'politically correct' statements, because that is what others want to hear. It also makes us feel good about ourselves. When a lie is told a hundred times, we begin believing it to be the truth.

    Most of us use situations to our advantage. We might deny doing so, but we all do. If we were really are who we project ourselves to be, we would all be saints.

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    We humans have weak digestion power. Literally and metaphorically. We just can't take in the reality. Ideals like proper distribution of wealth, anti-corruption, peace, secularism, democracy..; etc..; are only good on paper. No such thing exists in reality. Civilization gets inspired by Nature. Anything that doesn't exist in Nature shouldn't exist in civilization. Ideals don't exist in Nature.
    But, unlike beasts, a man lives and dies by his ideals. His ideals shape his character and life. So, when something threatens his ideals, it threatens it's existence. No one can remain rational when it's survival that's on stake.
    So, this endless cycle of misery is inevitable. There is no pretension here. Merely illusions.

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    Hypocrisy is part and parcel of human society. A person has to be hypocrite to live and adjust in society. So, it is quite natural for almost all of us to be hypocrite. As for example, how many of us can tell our parents that a particular action of them is wrong? Very few.

    Moreover, a person has different identities. For example, I am a Bengali, Indian and a Hindu. So I may behave differently under different circumstances. Is it hypocrisy? As a Government employee I know the drawbacks of the Govt. employees. I know the genuine problems of the Government employees, but I don't mention these before others. When the employees of private sector criticize Govt. employees for wrong reasons, I vehemently protest, but I don't mention the actual drawbacks. Is it hypocrisy?

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    We humans are hypocrites. We say a lot many things, but it is not necessary that we follow everything that we say. Some people just speak and hardly follow their own rules. Sometimes this sort of behavior is natural and sometimes for some benefit people behave like this. Human nature is unstable, you cannot expect someone to behave similarly in every situation. Different situations demand different human behaviour and so is the response.
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    It is true majority of us are hypocrites. Many things we talk, we write, we argue and we preach. But when the actual situation comes we may behave in a different way altogether. We have many rules and regulations. We know all those things. But we will try to avoid these rules when it comes to us. But how we can support these acts? No way. When we are driving if we see somebody going fast the red signal we will say that they are not following. But at times we may do the same.
    Everyone knows what are his weaknesses. But if somebody points out the same, no one can accept it. This is, I think human nature. If everyone practice and preach, everybody will become a Swami Vivekananda or Rama Krishna Paramhansa.

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    Hypocrisy is the act of talk by the people, a certain belief, like religion, rules and regulations, about a system or way of life, but not, in reality. When it comes to them the same person's ethic get vanished and do as per they wish. In this case they refuse to listen others who truthfully criticize them.

    The question is, where is not hypocrisy? Its every where. If some one says he/she is not hypocrisy it truly mean that he/she just cheating himself/herself. No one is saint here, everyone know to take advantage of the situation wherever they are.

    Now, the question is why do we pretend?
    Answer is, just simply to show one's importance over other. It is as simple as that.

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    This is a very interesting thread and more interesting is the fact that no one is denying that we are hypocrites.

    We all are born and brought up in an environment and atmosphere which is full of hypocrites and hypocrisy is in our blood.

    One reason why people are not detaching with this characteristic called hypocrisy is something like who will be the first materialistic loser. For example we are talking against 5 star culture and show off but given an opportunity we run for that to grab it at an earliest. If you are really against that you should not attend those wasteful and vulgar show off of riches.

    Anyway this culture can not change overnight and lot of social and individual changes at radical level will be required before we get rid of this badge from our shirt pockets.

    Knowledge is power.

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    If that be the case, would it be correct to say that by being hypocrite, we are sort of cheating ourselves? I don't think we need to be hypocrites to please others or to be comfortable in a group, though we may resort to such tactics at times. Hypocrisy is, I think, an effort to keep ourselves comfortable and happy; it might not help us to be satisfied because being one and pretending to be another does carry a lot of stress with it.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    Can anybody get freed from hypocrisy? To a certain extent it is part of human nature. Without one's knowledge it will enter into one's habit. May be a very small percentage of people might be free from this. Of course I have not made much thought on this. I don't want to be a hypocrite at least in this !!

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    I do not think, there is any sense of cheating on oneself, if you are a hypocrite. Every human being actions and perceive things in their own way, some people just want their happiness, while others are looking for ways to attain fame and for that they try numerous ways to impress people in a group or in a conversation. Sort of cheating will come into place if we actually realize what we do, if we are doing something right or wrong. Being a hypocrite in a positive manner is not an act of cheating, being a hypocrite if you want to help someone is actually a good act. There is a famous saying in English literature "Life is a stage and humans are all its players."
    This given statement itself says, that we are playing diplomatic roles in life, as a youngster, as a kid, an adult or being an age old person. I think if you are being a hypocrite for positive work, there is no sense of harm or cheating but if it goes negative, then we can definitely call it the same, because then it was being done out of utter selfishness only.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Hypocrisy is not natural or inherent to humans. It is cultivated or taught.

    A child does not know about hypocrisy. It attaches itself easily to those whom it ;likes. It avoids and moves away from those it does not like or fears. By and by the child sees the double face(or multiple faces) shown by its parents and other elders. Initially it gets confused,but then it follows the elders as is the way to be complied. Sometimes it is taught and compelled to act and say differently. Slowly it adopts the same method for its own benefit. Thus new hypocritical person is developed.

    People show hypocrisy because they are not courageous to face reality. It also occurs because the accepted and prescribed norms and rules of society, morally, legally or culturally- are not comfortable or convenient to practice. So [people act as per their comfort and convenience and declare and put up as if they have complied the permitted and accepted way.

    However, most people in reality are not at peace mentally with hypocrisy. Their inner conscience does not permit that always pinches from within. People confessing to crimes and seeking pardon for crimes and some other hidden actions are just a proof of that.

    Hypocrisy is not natural to humans. It is taught or self taught and cultivated. If we are courageous to own up what we do and talk, or we do and talk only that is acceptable morally and legally, the we can shed our hypocrisy. The earlier we shed hypocrisy the better.

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    Almost all of us are hypocrites. Without hypocrisy, we can''t live in the society. Not admitting this is another form of hypocrisy.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Surprising, to see that we are not allowed to post our view. It is itself a big hypocrisy mentality. If the author is not interested to get members view, I feel he should not come out to ask such question in public forum.

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