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    What is the logic behind expand of wood in rainy season and winter season?

    As we see our doors most of the doors will fit the frame but there is an exceptional case the doors will not fit into frame especially in the rainy season or even in winter season because the wood has nature or a characteristic or an attribute to expand.Why the wood will expand in rainy season and winter season.Is there any logic or science involved in this?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.Do you experience expanding the wood in your home in rainy season?
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    The fibrous pulp in wood loses all its moisture and becomes dehydrated. Wood is always seasoned before it is made into furniture. This process involves drying of the wood. When a tree is chopped the trunk is allowed to dry (seasoned) before it can be used for anything. The wood shrinks when it dries.

    During the rainy season, there is excess moisture in the air, which gets absorbed by the fibrous pulp of the wood., even when it has been dried. That is the nature of wood, it absorbs water.

    Only wood that has been treated with chemicals and wood that has been varnished or painted does not absorb water.

    Once the wood absorbs water it expands. And when the rains stop the water gradually evaporates, making the wood shrink back into its original dry state.

    This is the best lay man's explanation that I can provide.

    If you want to prevent the doors from expanding, use a good quality varnish on them, on all sides that are exposed.

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    Technically, they don't expand. We could say enlarge. Wood being an organic material soak water and enlarges in size. Plant cells soak water readily than animal cells, due to osmosis. But they lose the water in them just as fast.
    So,in rainy season, wood enlarges a bit more and gets stuck to the door frame.

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    Well I am not a technically qualified person to answer this. But what I have observed during my life time that if the door or the wood exposed to the nature during the rainy season and as the rains lashes, the water particles would enter the door or wood through pores and thus the wood expands. That is the reason being so a sajja or roof top above the door is constructed to prevent water lashing the door. Some times when the rain is continuing, the doors gets much fatter and we are unable to close and open them and has to apply force. Or we are forced to call the carpenter to cut the size from the edge.
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    It happens not only in the case of wood that it expands in winder and rainy season but contracts in summer season but there are many other materials which contracts and expand according to the cycle of weather.
    In winter and rainy season, wood absorb moisture from the air and hence expands and this can be noticed easily as the door and windows made of wood tightens in these two season.
    During summer the same piece of wood loses all its moisture and hence it contracts a little bit and becomes loose.
    The main reason behind this contraction and expansion of wood is moisture whose loss and gain affects its dimension.
    Another good example of contraction and expansion because of weather effect is railway lines. In summer railway lines expands after gaining temperature and hence the distance between both the rails increases from its normal difference. But during winter, reverse of it take place. The distance between the rail decreases a little bit because iron contracts due to loss in temperature.

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    not winder it is winter. railway tracks are not made of iron it is made of Steel alloy. An Alloy is a mixture of several metals.
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    Wood is having a character of absorbing moisture. If you keep a piece of wood in water for some time you will notice that the weight of the wood is increased and you will see dimensional expansion also. Same thing will happen when the door gets wet. In rainy and winter season the humidity of air will be high. Humidity is nothing but the moisture content in air. Higher the humidity, higher the moisture content. In this high humidity conditions doors will get expanded. In summer because of high temperature and low humidity of air, door will lose moisture and they will shrink. If you use a unseasoned wood, these changes will be on higher side. But if a seasoned wood is used this effect will be less. Metals will get heated up but they can't absorb moisture. That is why metallic doors will get heated up in summer but you will not find any difference in dimensions in any season.
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