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    Do railway tracks expand and shrink in any of the seasons?

    As I studied somewhere in Intermediate in Physics that railway tracks expand in particular season If I remember correctly it is summer season due to some physical laws as railway tracks are made of steel alloy( a mixture of several metals in it) has expandable nature. What are the dangers that posed when the expansion of railway tracks in that particular season?How railway sector address this issue?Do modern railway tracks also expand?What are the remedies to overcome the expandable nature?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question?
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    A correction. It's in summers. Metals expand when heated. That's why there are gaps between railway tracks.
    If left without gaps, the expansion would either lead to derailment or wear and tear of the tracks.
    In modern tracks there aren't any gaps. Installing certain low thermal expansion metals or alloys as the materials of the tracks, we can avert the situations. In continuous welded rails, the tracks are stretched to sides before summer begins.

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    Yes, I made the correction in the main post.
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    Generally the railway tracks will be designed keeping the metallic property of expansion with temperature in summer. The gap is decided basing on this character only. These days new metallic alloys which are having low. Expansion coefficient are being used to take care of these problems.
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    Did you ever wondered as to why the tracks have little gap between each rail joints and that gives the sound while the train is moving ? That is the space given for probable expansion of tracks during the summer. You know most of the tracks are running in in habitat areas and there is no shadow to save the track from the scorching heat wave of the nature that is experienced during peak summer. In North sometimes the highest degree during summer would be up to 47 degrees Celsius. In that case even the iron bars like rail tracks would also gets heated up and due to friction of rail wheels and coupled with nature heat through sun, the tracks gets over heated and thus have the chance to expand beyond imagination. That is the reason being so the gangman of each railway region are advised to look for such tracks expansion and immediately report to engineering section for correction of the same.
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    Yes, I know the reason. In fact, it was a very common question in West Bengal Board (Xth Std.) Physics. This small gap is required to cope up with thermal expansion of railway track (solid) in summer and contraction during winter.
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