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    Are we living in mobocracy?

    The spiritual leader who is famous with a nickname of Love charger. Twenty lakhs of his followers are already in Haryana. Some two crores are waiting in the wings to join the diaspora if modern India. Baba Asharam , Sant Satpal etc are previous such cases where these fake Gurus have dared the administration and the law. What we are witnessing is an eye opener to be seriously pondered -to define the limit up to which religion may be allowed to influence the political scene of India. We Indians are probably in a spiritual vacuum where our spiritual hunger is not adequately quenched by current discourse available to our society. I have to add that Baba is very successful film entrepreneur after having produced three blockbusters in which he himself was hero character . Actually I consider him to be a joker at the best. Be warned if you do not wake up now and stand up against these jokers you will be blackmailed for centuries. Hundreds of trains have been cancelled. Bus services stopped. Net services disrupted. School colleges closed, virtual curfew in two states for one alleged rapist. Are we witnessing a real scene or a reel scene of Love charger super hero ?
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    Yes I am also at a loss to understand as to why the government should fear for the so called God man who has nurtured a very strong army of supporters with weapons and now taking on the very system of democracy and probably making a mockery at the judiciary even. The God man who recently turned actor and minted money in big way seems to be living in the fools paradise that if the court spells him he is wrong, he has to undergo the imprisonment and just instigating his supporters to probably stall the court order is nothing but mocking even at the very system of government. On the other hand why the government is creating a situation of emergency fearing backlash from the supporters in the wake of judgement against the God man. Nevertheless such foolish followers must be firmly dealt with and let the Army be called to arrest them and quell them away.
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    This is really a failure of the two state governments. How a person can create such a problem. How he can dare the ruling of a court. It is really a big law and order problem. Tomorrow he will take the law into his hands and do whatever he wants The Government should go for all out efforts and see that he will obey the court. If necessary they can take the help of Army forces for containing the followers of this man and see that law and order prevail in the country.
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    Taking to streets and resorting to violence and mischief damaging property and life has become a new trend in our country. This is because of lack or dearth of strong widely accepted leaders having control and command over the followers and general people. Proliferation of splinter parties and their need to catch attention leads to such negative actions which are detrimental to the basic fabric of a civilised and law abiding society.
    There was a call for hartal and street protest against a court verdict unfavourable to a particular section. Within a few months this case.
    The government and law enforcing agencies have to deal sternly with such situations and maintain peace and rule of law. Ordinary peace loving citizen have to unite and come against such violent protests and acts dwindling the sanctity of courts of law. The governments(at state and centre) have to deal with a firm hand and will power such violations of la and peace.

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    The situation is really drastic, with baba being arrested and his blind followers destroying the cities of Haryana and Punjab. It has taken lives of many people and many are still injured. I do not understand how could people follow such an accused man. This tells how blind faith impacts oneself. An India guy is causing harm to its own people. People have been especially told not to come out of their houses, this has caused such panic and tension in the eyes of people. God protect the people of our country and give them some brain to not destroy our own motherland.
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    This time condition is serious. Yesterday the 'chelas' of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh created havoc in and around Panchkula, Chanigarh and in various other parts of Punjab and Haryana. Despite the presence of 15000 police and para-military forces, these members of 'Derra Sacchha Sauda' attacked buses and other vehicles. This happened because they were allowed to assemble for two days and police were not allowed to shoot the trouble-makers.
    If police is not allowed to shoot the trouble-makers irrespective of political affiliations, democracy turns into mobocracy.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    It is really an unfortunate situation that a large number of people are not only following the fake Babas but also taking the violent path on their name.

    In a democratic setup it is very difficult for government to take a strong action by police or army as it may lead to mass protest by the followers resulting in more violence.

    Due to lack of education and situation of joblessness in the country these fake Babas are attracting more people for their followings.

    What is required is that through a nationwide Intelligence Agency these fake saints should be caught in the budding and sent to prison for cheating the faith of people so that these Babas do not grow to a gigantic form.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Actually I was shocked to see that how lacs of people just supporting a criminal. The first thing which came in my mind was, how come thousands of people became blind? It is obvious that whatever happened was pre-planned and not good for the future.

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