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    Seven things tobe followed while speaking

    The following seven are to be noted well before speak as no word will get back once uttered:
    1 - Think before speak
    2 - Speak only truth
    3 - Speak with love
    4 - Speak less
    5 - Speak soft
    6 - Speak sweet
    7 - Speak timely
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    Mr. Ramachandran has given a good idea about good speaking. Once we speak the words, we should be very carefully. You can't take back an uttered word. Our words should not hurt others. The words should be as soft as possible. At the same time they should be clear and no ambiguity. Prepare well before we speak. Another aspect is timing of the words. and way of uttering the words. These will also make lot of difference. When a person is in problems and if we go talk to him abusively, his problems will increase. So we should understand the other position and talk. Never tell lies for your benefit. Speak truth only. All are very good. But how sincerely we will follow this is the question.
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    A person can be identified and valued as per the way he speaks. The guidelines given by the author are really worth following and if one can really achieve in practice he will be a man having great following and respect in no time.
    People having control on their speech and utter respectful and soft words win the heart of audience.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    That is correct, how we talk and converse with people, our way of speaking matters a lot. The way we speak, tells who we are, and how we have been guided throughout our life. It tells a lot about our personality. We should always speak good and kind words for people. It reveals our identity as a person , as a human being. We will definitely find people with ravish and harsh behavior, but if we speak nicely with them also, it will make them to think about how good we were to them in-spite of their toughness with us. Speaking on time is also very important as indicated by Ramachandran Sir , because we need to know when we have to speak, especially in terms of discussions. Speak only when someone asks for your advice else remain quiet.

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    While the author has given elaborate tips on how we should talk and converse, what I want to include here that you be a best listener first. By opting to be a apt listener, you are not only allowing others to speak and from that you learn a lot. First of all how the other person converse with you with ease by using easy language and words. Secondly when you allow others to talk , you get lots of clues and ideas so that you can have your response very clear and in the apt way. That will not only convince the opposite person but also respect you very much. People wants others to listen to them. If that is allowed, you are most liked person. And before speaking , be prepared to utter the right thing, because slip of tongue cannot be corrected and pardoning wont suffice many as the excuse. And always connect your speech with examples of personal experience or examples from others. That kind of conversation would be liked.
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    Start by greeting
    If you are talking to someone in the phone or directly in the face, give a greeting and then you can list the subject point by point.

    smiled and spoke quietly
    When talking to the person in front of you, you should always be smiling.

    Choose the right atmosphere
    In order to enjoy the art of talking to others you have to choose the right atmosphere to talk to.

    Put yourself in the place of others
     One of the most important things to consider in order to enjoy the art of talking to others is to appreciate the feelings and circumstances of others. In other words, try as much as possible to place yourself in front of you to understand why he or she has acted.

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