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    Hindi a regional language says Karnataka CM Siddha Ramaiah!

    The dynamic Chief Minister of Karnataka Siddha Ramaiah once again reiterated Hindi is a regional language in India like many other languages and the center should not project it as National language and he also said that Hindi can not be imposed in the state of Karnataka and he also said that if somebody wants to learn any language he will not oppose for that. As one of the Member of Parliament from Odisha expressed similar views when he gets an invitation in the Hindi language.Why B.J.P wants to impose the Hindi language in non-Hindi language states.Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    In fact none of the languages are given the National language status as per our Constitution as I understand. Hindi is only the official language and not national language. Hence no body can insist on one particular language. A State can choose its its language. Also most of the States are formed on the basis of a language.

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    Hindi is the language many people speak in India. English is more popular in many countries of the world. So people who want roam around the country and world should learn these two languages. I don't know whether Hindi is officially National language or not. Many states are implementing three language formula. One is Mother tongue, English and 3rd language will be of individual's choice. The central Government is not bringing in the Hindi newly now. Earlier Governments also insisted for Hindi Language. I remember Tamil Nadu also raised an objection for this at that time and big agitation was also there.
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    Hindi once regarded as the National - language in the past has lost its original glamour because of lot of controversies raised by the people of different provinces. Hence the status of retaining the same as National - Languge at this stage does not arise. There should have been uniform response from all section of the people to assign this language a special status.
    However, the other consideration for favour of this Languge is due to the fact that people living in Bihar, UP, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Chhatisgarh and Delhi are habituated in making conversasation with this Languge. They are equally comfortable with the use of this Languge and as such the fascination of Hindi has not died down with majority of the people of our country. One thing is very clear that we should not enforce any one to assign super rating to any language rather, public sentiment should be honoured while judging the popularity of the language.

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    But why Central Government Employees or institutions will observe a day called Rajya basha or Rashtra Basha. Is it comes to under a violation of Constitution?
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    The language policy as framed in the Constituion is a grey area. Only two days ago I mentioned it in a response to another thread. The status of Hindi is not clearly defined. Are e following tri-language formula or bi-language formula? Nobody knows.

    However, I feel that Hindi is the easiest language to learn for the purpose of communication. Even the Britishers who came to India, learnt Hindi (although incorrect Hindi) very quickly. As a person who is originally non-Hindi speaking, this is my personal opinion.

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    Obviously that is not right to impose any language to the people who do not even know how to speak it.
    When finding on google, it is giving both English and Hindi as the official languages. No national language has been currently specified. If we look around in our country, different states have their own language and have their own significance. National language will be considered the language that people speak in their own state and capital.

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    Well Congress always wants to take on BJP on issues of no importance and want to gain mileage over it. But ultimately the matter would end with no substance. This is also on the same line. We all know Hindi is the National language and we are bound to learn from schooling itself. I just cannot understand the motives of states which are boycotting Hindi and does not want its imposition. If India has to be considered as one country with different state supporting it, then there should not be difference of opinion on any matter. By the way Congress is not having any issue against the BJP to fight the ensuing elections to that state and hence raised this bogey which has no credence at all. And mind it Karnataka people would be the loser in long run as they wont get any chance of government jobs in future from National level as future is going to be to Hindi language utilization across all departments of central government.
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