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    Did you book Jio phone-what was your experience

    Yesterday 5.30 pm was the eagerly awaited schedule time. That was the time announced by Jio for Jio phone booking to start.
    I am sure I was not the only one was waiting with non-blinking eyes in front of the desktop. Laptop or mobile devices. It was a great torture and trauma that I suffered for about more than one and half hours. By that time two of my friends telephoned me asking how to book. They had got the first page opened slowly opening and getting stuck. I told my status also. I got bored and tired and felt helpless. So I told myself enough is enough and closed my computer and went out telling that I would rather forgo the Jiophone than suffering this torture.
    Then I met another friend at the market who told me that he was able to book just a while ago.
    After reaching back home I wanted to try a last chance. The sight slowly started opening like a blooming lotus.
    To cut the story short, I could at last book a Jiophone, but did not get any acknowledgement. Today morning I got the acknowledgement also.
    So now the wait is for the actual delivery of the phone and the balance payment. What about you?
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    Same here, I had to wait long with lots of issue with the loading of page. But by around 7:30pm thought I. Could book it, I didn't get any acknowledgement. It said my transaction failed but my money was deducted, though its been more than 24hrs I didn't get any refund so I called the customer care.

    They have registered a case, they will let me know by tomorrow if a refund will be initiated or they will confirm my booking.

    Anyways fingers crossed, waiting for their reply.

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    Yesterday I was also curious to book the new Jio phone which was announced with much fanfare. But to every ones disappointment , the Reliance mobiles has failed to supply the sample phone to dealers so that people may have the look and then pay 500 as pre booking charges. But Reliance seems to be taking chance as many branded phones have already captured the smart phone users and Reliance would be feeling that its offer may have the less takers. So by simply insisting money as booking requisite, Reliance is fooling the public and want to gauge the market demand and then make available the piece. Already reliance mobile is loosing credibility due to shortage of cell towers and call drops complaints, and if they indulge in this type of marketing, surely people would discard Reliance for future. Let the policy makers of the company understand that they cannot survive at the cost of customers loosing patience.
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    Frankly speaking, I don't give much importance on such offers. Only around 15 days ago, there was a similar offer from Redmi Company. My daughter purchased a Redmi phone at that time.

    I purchased a new Mobile in January this year. It is a touchscreen phone. I use it only to call others, receive the calls and to receive SMS. It has no other purpose for me. I am planning to use it for at least three years. Thereafter, I will think about offers on mobile phones.

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    I have no interest in booking these phones. We have to wait long time after booking. Already I had a smart phone and that to very recently purchased. So thought why unnecessarily to struggle for this phone. We don't know, how long he will take to supply. Whether he will supply or not. With all these doubts I have not eventried. Generally I will not go for such offers. That is my nature.
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    Well, I want one for my mother but I want to wait for a little while. I am not sure of the quality of the product. So, first I want to get assured of the quality and performance of the phone. If it will be okay then definitely I will get my hand on one.
    Earlier Reliance has launched Lyf smartphone at low price but those handsets were not very successful because of cheap build quality and poor performance.

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    Today I received an sms from Jio intimating thanks and informing temporary pausing of booking. They intimated that they will inform when further booking is open.
    I do not want to go deep in this matter and analyse their business strategy or profiteering etc. My interest is more of exploitative and experimental in nature.

    Now there are clips circulating 'educating' people about the business tricks of Jio Reliance.
    After all there are other providers who came with 4G earlier than Jio. Why they did not hit upon this idea? All those who reposed faith on Reliance have benefited. Yes, they make exclusive clientele. Many other providers also do so.

    I do not have any unrealistic expectations about Reliance Jiophone. I may have to replace my existing phone soon as it has worked for reasonable time in relation to cost I incurred. So Jiophone will be a ready solution for me. I have only basic uses with my phone. So I would at the maximum expect whatsapp in Jiophone. I hope they will make arrangement for that soon.

    Jiophone will be the easy way for entry in 4G for all those who do not have a 4G phone or for those who do not have even a feature phone now. I have no doubts about delivery by Reliance. But there are some realistic issues which some people may not have thought of, but I have realistically anticipated those also and am ready to forgo an amount of Rs1500 at the maximum or whatever be the residual amount after relevant use for any period. I do not feel that the phone will fail before 6 months or one yer. Which handset gives warranty more than that? My consideration is not what Reliance gets, but what I get.

    If we can believe booking reports put out by Reliance, many millions have put faith and trust on Jiophone.

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    Day before yesterday, i.e. on 24 August itself at around 7.30 pm , I had tried to book a Jio Phone using my laptop. Everything was completed, even the money was also deducted from the bank but just then, the net went down and I couldn't get any confirmation.

    Neither the amount of Rs. 500 has been returned to my account nor I have got any confirmation from Jio. I dont know what to do now and sitting cross-fingered.

    Is there any way to know the fate of my amount? Can anybody advise?

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    @606965 the respondent @#606912 above has also a similar situation. Please contact Jio customer care or nearest gallery in this regard.

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