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    Unexpected demands from expected/ respected people?

    It has become the norm in some so called respected families to demand lavish wedding preparations from the other side.
    Dowry used to be a nuisance which used to be expected and demanded from the bride's parents but nowadays lavish wedding preparations which last for almost a week in addition to prepations accommodation are becoming common practice.
    Why does marriage have to become a burden on any side?
    Cannot we make it a simple ceremony with both the sides arranging everything together and blessing the couple for a happy future ahead?
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    I am also of the opinion that marriages must be held in simple way with least expense and what ever money wants to be spent, it can be deposited in the bank account of the girl so that she may not face the financial constraints at the in laws house. One of my Muslim friend has conducted the marriage of his son in most simplest way which I have never seen so far. The boy was having his business as usual on the day of the marriage and he was called to the Magrib Namaz and after prayers the announcement of marriage was made and the visitors were treated with Chai and biscuit and thus the marriage was over much to the surprise of all. Be it Hindu or Muslim, the marriage expenses, preparations before and after marriage were more and increasing. There is no end to appease the son in law and the new groom also wont mind having lavish marriage. Down with such thinking and future should have simple marriages.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Now a days every one wants to show off. Marriage is a one time affair in our life, so, people want to make it memorable but they forget about the problems faced by bride parents in making the arrangements. Although government has implemented anti dowry law in our country but its irony that those who are supposed to abide by the law and implement it are involved in this crime.
    First they ask for huge cash amount along with vehicles, furniture, household items etc. Besides these heavy demand, a new fashion of lavish wedding arrangements for almost a week is in practice.
    I don't know where the mentality of people is heading toward. We need to bring change by taking action against this type of practice and we must start if from ourselves and our own home.

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    There was a time when heavy dowry was demanded. But these days there is a change. Brides are less in number and bride grooms are increasing. So brides are becoming very choosy. So dowries are on the diminishing mood. But expenditure for marriages are on increasing mode. Everybody wants to show off their richness.So expenses are there for both sides. But that much expenses are not at all required. As suggested by Mohan instead of wasting money on these expenses, depositing in bank and keeping for the newly wedded couple will be good.
    Another aspect is by bringing loans and spending for marriages is not advisable. This will lead to financial problems to families. Marriages are once in a lifetime affair. We should make it to remember forever. but we should not go for loans for this also.

    always confident

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