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    Do our webmaster Tony go through the threads which were rejected and seek explanation ?

    In any organization, the heads wont have to bother about day to day affair of the proceedings and as they simply delegate the responsibility and power to the managerial positions and thus they keep a watch on any troubles that would emerge. Is ISC having such type of arrangement. I want to know from administration that whether Web Master Tony goes through the threads rejected by the editors and seek their explanation for that act ? Surely no boss would be interested to get bad name for his organization as in the garb of following rules, one should not loose the ardent members and followers of this site.
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    No, he doesn't have so much time. He trusts and depends on his Editors.
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    As the work has already been delegated, why should Tony sir spend time on it again ? Editors are trained to edit properly and it is the belief that Tony sir has kept on his editors. For the threads which are deleted, if the author of the thread has any concerns he can always come up with another thread to seek explanation. Editors will also respond to their level. If there are any further questions which editors cannot answer then only it will be taken to Tony sir. I believe the above process is already happening. I have seen many threads which seek explanation for the deletion for which editors have responded. So Tony sir does not need to look at those kind of threads again.

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    Syed what you have said, you got CC for this, it does mean that ISC editors are agreed with you. So, I would like to take a statement from your words - "For the threads which are deleted, if the author of the thread has any concerns he can always come up with another thread to seek explanation. Editors will also respond to their level".

    What if the author of deleted thread comes up with another thread and it gets deletion again? And what if neither editor wants to answer nor the Tony, in this case what a member can do?

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    I agree with Jeets comments. There is no way the member can do. If he likes he has to contribute and continue as member. Otherwise we have to discontinue. Not only deletions. same is the case with comments also. It a genuine doubt raised by Mohan, I feel.
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    Mr. Jeets has raised a valid point. As a Member whose posts are regularly deleted, I can say that most of the time such Members suffer in silence. Only in rarest of the rare occasion, the earlier decision is reversed. Yesterday was one such occasion for me. The ME reversed the earlier decision in respect of a response of mine taken by some other Editor. But I re-iterate that such occasion is very rare.
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    Generally speaking if a post is rejected there is no point in reviewing it by a higher authority. However if the posts of a particular person are being repeatedly rejected the higher authority can go through a sample case to find out why it is happening. That is the maximum which can be done.
    The editors are all well experienced in this line and their judgement is based on certain yardsticks already established in ISC.
    The doubt raised by the author holds good only when good posts not conflicting with the ISC guidelines are being rejected or deleted.

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    I completely agree with the author. Not only the cases of deleted threads that may need some reviewing, there are other instances also. I can cite one of them.

    On August 20, I was going through the article section where I found an article on Independence Day Speech. It was originally posted on 6 August 2014 and updated on 02 August 2017. The article is full of mistakes.
    I had made a critical comment on it and requested the editors to have a thorough re-checking of the article.

    But I regret to say that although some of my other responses posted after the said comment were already reviewed and even cc were allotted to them, the said comment is yet to be reviewed.

    I am pointing out this matter not because of my interest to get some more cc but because of the goodwill of the site associated with it.

    Had there been any system of proper reviewing, the matter would not have skipped the vigil eyes of the editors.

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    Jeets, to answer your question - "What if the author of deleted thread comes up with another thread and it gets deletion again? " - If this is happening for all active members of this site, then there is some problem with the editors or editing in this site. If this is happening for 1 or 2 members only, then those members have to find what they have done/are doing differently in their posts.
    "And what if neither editor wants to answer nor the Tony, in this case what a member can do?" - I am pretty sure the editors respond at least the first ever question from any member. It depends on the question, may be the editors and Tony sir would have already responded to it and so they might not want to repeat the same response again.


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    With reference to the point raised by Nomita in #606984, we wish to clarify that, as per the automated editing system, the latest responses to an article come up in the queue of new submissions first. So basically we are editing from new to old, date-wise backwards. It is not the case that your comment was "skipped" because it was a criticism or for any other reason as seems to be your impression. Your comment will definitely be reviewed and dealt with in the needful manner when it does come up in the editing queue.

    With reference to the main issue of this thread - let me assure members that we have in the past (and continue to do so) discussed with the Webmasters directly as and when there has been some issue about a deleted thread. We do expect members to adhere to forum posting guidelines and not needlessly question each and every thread / response deletion. I think K Mohan did raise this same related issue more than once, about editors supposedly deleting threads at their own whim, and requisite clarifications were very patiently given and repeated on each occasion. Please do try to understand that there surely is no point in constantly discussing the same issue repeatedly. Let's move on please.

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    Syed, You are not done. There is no guarantee that every decision is taken is correct and ethical. Above all whether it is 1 member, 2 members or 100 members, the rule should be one. We must not forget that Tony is running an Educational website and not milking farm. He or his editors should not have any personal preference to reply only limited members.

    If they does anything wrong they should be ready to accept their mistakes but I am sorry to say that here those who have power, rules are their.

    One more thing I would like to say that the day when someone close to Tony will abuse you and instead of deleting the post, Tony will try to save that member just for his benefit, you will come to know what I am talking. I know each and everyone very well whether it is Tony , ME or LE all are the same.

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    I appreciate Jeets for his good comment, doubt and query. It is happening. Tony John is no exemption. He too join the editors and support to keep ISC moving. Tony will never go against the editors. Editors are always right and members are always wrong.
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    I am not asking Tony to review all the forum posts. Just go through those which were rejected ?
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    Mr Mohan, threads on which the editors are in doubt or need some clarification is discussed within the team and is then referred to the webmasters for a decision. The webmasters also keep an 'occasional' check on deleted/ pending threads and calls upon the team/ concerned editor to clarify in case of any confusion or doubt. The procedure is same for all sections. Let it be clear that no action is taken by the editors in the garb (not required) of following rules but only as per laid down policies and instructions from the admin from time to time.

    This thread is being locked now as the information sought by the author has been provided and there is nothing more to add.

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