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    Do you feel governments are overriding Right to Privacy of common man's life or not?

    Supreme Court has given the verdict "Right to privacy is Fundamental Right and intrinsic to life". Because of this historic verdict has serious bearing on various issues related to government including making Aadhar compulsory for common man. Even government may bring an ordinance or law also people can go to the court against government as their privacy is subjected due to providing all personal information through Aadhar or bio metric verification. Due to leaking of various personal information through Aadhar like identity to private agencies common man is facing hardship. Supreme Court 9 members bench gave a clear verdict that Privacy is very important for a valuable life with freedom for a common man. Government or any institution cannot deny privacy to a common man. Folk do you really feel providing your personal identity through Aadhar like verification will affect your Right to privacy?
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    Yes, I have read that Hon'ble Supreme Court has upheld the Right to Privacy. However, at the first instance, I would like to know what Right to Privacy is. This is because, the Right is not prima-facie mentioned in the Constitution of India. Secondly, how can we ensure it, especially when technology has enabled 'electronic eyes' of the artificial satellites to check what we are doing even inside our room?
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    Indian government is maintaining double standards where it comes with Privacy of issue of WhatsApp application it is questioning about the privacy issue of common man in the court of law while when it comes to Aadhar and biometry use it is strongly going and adhering with it. In both these cases breach of privacy are involved?

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    There are many complex questions associated with the issue. Is Right to Privacy legally enforceable? How can the agencies ensure the Right to Privacy of common people? What about violation of this right by private agencies and foreign powers. Who can answer these questions?
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Still this issue is not clear to me. What is Right of Privacy? Biometric verification is common nowadays in many places. When you go to your office your attendance is marked biometrically. When you go to a defence organisation you will be allowed to go inside only after issuing a pass. This pass they will issue in some places only after taking your fingerprints digitally. Can we refuse to do these there. If you deny, they deny your entry. Even in my office office , the entrance will open only after you get checked with your fingerprints digitally. So by giving it to other what will happen? All these doubts are being asked by me as layman ?
    However now we have to wait and see what happens to our government's process of linking aadhaar with all other transactions of government and private organisations? Law is always correct and we have to obey the same.

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