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    Why fake Baba's have so much say and fan following in India?

    Due to judgement against a Spiritual guru Gurmit Singh in a rape case in Panchakula court of Punjab, his fan followers created a havoc in the state and disrupted normal functioning of the government. 31 people died, many got wounded, lots of public property got damaged after hearing the verdict from the court. Why governments or public are allowing to grow this type of fake Baba's to the extent they dictate the terms of the government or public? Isn't it the duty of governments to curb such illegal activities carried out by individuals in the society in the name of God or spiritualism? Folks how this type of illegal activities in the society can be curbed?
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    There are some intelligent and crooked people who by their talks and religious preachings impress the common masses and in this process create a very large following.

    It is unfortunate that even the educated and wise people fall in this trap.

    These Babas exploit their followers and sometimes instigate them to take a violent path. Some of these Babas have connections in higher political circle and they use it in their advantage. The common masses come to these self declared fake saints for knowing their future fortunes and interpretation of their fate lines.

    Many people believe that these Babas are the messengers of God and can do any miracles in their lives. Slowly the followings of these Babas rise up to a gigantic proportion and anyone who is going against the Baba will face the wrath of these people.

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    These kind of activities are never acceptable. When a court gives a verdict, it should be accepted or any objection they should go to the next higher court. Instead of that troubling public and creating hurdles to common man should not be tolerated. If the super guru is having extraordinary powers let him prove it by making the 31 died alive again. Is it possible to him? By all means 'no'. As such why these gunda disciples doing all wrong things. Government has to take it seriously and punish the culprits.
    The so called Babas are unnecessarily spoiling the image of Hindu religion and that can't be tolerated. He should also to be punished accordingly.
    If the state governments are failing to take the required action central government should go and see that normalcy is restored. For any kind of these types of problems common man is getting affected. So now it is high time that public should understand the mentality of these BABAs and should not be mistaken them as Gods and we should not give any importance to these people.

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