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    Have you got curious people around?

    In the society different people are there. Some are reserved while some are open and social. Out of these there is a specific category of curious and inquisitive people. If you meet them they will ask you many questions and seek answers for them. They will be curious to know about your life and even about your private and personal life.

    At the same time if you ask about their life they will be side tracking and dodging and will not tell anything. They will suddenly become reserved and private.

    Have you come across such people having such curious nature? What is your opinion about them?
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    We have seen many people like this. They show unnecessary interest in other's matters. They ask number of questions and also go on observing about the moments of neighbors.
    Long back I was alone in my house. My wife and children were gone for summer. One Day I just came from office and my driver was also with me. A female colleague of mine came and sat in the house. Another five minutes. Another male colleague with his wife came. All this was being observed by my neighbor. My colleagues sat for 15 minutes. The purpose of their visit is to request for posting to the wife of the male who came to my house. After they left I finished my dinner and had a talk with my wife. During the talk I mentioned to her that these people came to our house. After 3 days my family came back. Within 15 minutes of their coming my neighbor came and told my wife that when she was not there a lady visited my house. As already I have mentioned about the incident to my wife and we have both good understanding, no problem. Otherwise there might have been a big misunderstanding. We should be beware of these people.

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    Yes, in every society there are plenty of such type of people who are always curious to poke their noses in others' affairs for nothing.
    One should always try to avoid such type of persons and never allow them to cross their limits. For this, one may need to be stern and even rude at times but that hardly matters,

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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    Yes,I wish to share here about a man who knows almost all languages.He,after every meeting,without fail asking others what was the speaker told on that day's meeting. As many do not know about his knowledge of many languages,start explaing him. I used to astonish seeing such a person.

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    Yes behind a every performer and achiever, there would scores of curious people lined up to ask questions and seek right and apt answers for their longing doubts. Some people are weak, they cannot talk with others that easily and have the fear factor dogging them. When they move with performers and even if they get lesser mark, they have the chance to question and ask by virtue of closeness. But on the other hand once a performer does it regularly , he feels that he is elate in his own way and thus wont allow lesser importance people near him and that bothers those were either too close and bothering. This kind of people would have lots of doubts on our achievement on daily basis, and they would spending lots of time inquiring about us, how we are coping up the time and adjusting with the life and so on.
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    Yes, there are many such people, who try to get into inside of your life without any reasons, they first try to show you the closeness of their nature and they try to find out digging about your life and its experiences. Such type of people even try to do buttering to get their things done. One should always stay away from such people , mostly because of their cleverness and they can also use the simple living people to get their things done.
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    I am the "curious people". But lately my curiosity has died out. I need to replenish my hunger to learn and observe again. Curious people are the ones the world needs the most now. Because ignorance is everywhere. But with the advent of internet, there has been a tremendous increase in these people. They're the most interesting and entertaining kinds. They seem to know everything. I like being around those people.
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