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    ‘Papa, did you ever bunk classes?’-asked my daughter

    Today while returning from the PTM of my daughter's school, my daughter suddenly said: 'Some of the students of my class regularly bunk classes. Papa, did you ever bunk classes?' I gave an evasive answer and became silent. My mind travelled backwards to early to mid-eighties. My mind went to Block-F, New Alipore, Calcutta.


    1984: Class-XI (Science): Aseem-babu was teaching Physics. It was around 11 a.m. Some of us already started dozing. Parthapratim Barari was absent. We were eagerly waiting for the boring class to be over. At last the bell rang. However, before the commencement of Chemistry class, Barari entered the class panting. Chemistry teacher Hiran-babu also entered seconds later.

    Immediately after entering the class, Hiran-babu went to the board and started writing something about the periodic table. Barari started collecting money. He whispered: "Got only twelve tickets. Give me Re. 1.25 each." We gave him the amount.

    The waiting period was over. After attending the Chemistry and Mathematics classes, there was a mass bunking on that day. Twelve students in school uniform reached 3-B bus-stand, took the bus and got down at New Empire cinema hall to watch a movie. The cost of the ticket of the lowest class had been increased very recently. It was revised from Re 0.80 to Re. 1.25. A phenomenal increase of almost 60%!

    After watching the movie of very long duration, I reached home late. Got a mouthful from my mother but was fortunately saved from the violent wrath of my father because he did not return till then. But on that day, I watched one of the best films of my life: 'The Towering Inferno'. I was spell-bound by the rescue operation shown in the movie. How people were saved from the towering inferno! Days later my father also watched the movie with his friends/colleagues and when he was describing the movie scenes to my mother, she informed him that I had already watched it and described it to her. My father was happy thinking that I had been developing taste of good movies!


    Today in the car, I was thinking about those golden days. But I could not admit to my daughter that I also used to bunk classes fairly occasionally.
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    Very engrossing tale in flashback by the author like many of his earlier ones time to time in the forum.

    Sometimes our children ask us questions which it is difficult to answer. In the eyes of children parents are ideal so any change in that perception may be centimentally disastrous.

    We pretend that we are ideal and we want our children to become flawless and expect a lot from them. We forget that every child wants freedom to some limits to enjoy with the friends and school fellows. We can not bind them to books and four walls of the house.

    Anyway they will ask more such questions whenever they want to find out the benchmarks against which they have to compete.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A well narrated introspective from one of the occasional truants, now a matured man and proud father.

    Bunking classes, just for fun, is quite common in school and college days and I believe that most of us have that experience.

    However, if such a question is asked by one's son or daughter, it's always better either to keep silence or to give an evasive reply.

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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    A good narration. This type of incidents were very common to many of us. I was in my first year B.Sc. one day after lunch we have chemistry class. After chemistry we have two classes of mathematics. On that particular day, Mathematics lecturer was on leave. So myself and my friend decided to bunk that class and go for a movie, NTR's movie was being shown in the theater. We both started on his cycle and we both are in a hurry to go to the theater. We don't know that there was a police station. Those days two persons on bicycle is not allowed. The police caught hold of us. Started shouting on us.How dare you are, two of you are going on bicycle that to in front of police station. He has taken away the cycle and lock also. We are very nervous. What to do we don't know. My friend's uncle was working as office superintendent in SP office. We have gone to him. We told him that there were no classes in the afternoon and hence we were going to our friend's house for studies and on the way police caught hold of us. He never believed our story. But he told us to go back and he managed with the police and brought back the cycle. A nightmare, still I remember,
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    Though I heard bunking, no chance availed to me,as my paternal uncle was a professor(some other dept.only)in the same college. But one day during my second year degree,as one lecturer was on leave,evening sesson lecturers adjusted in the morning and made us total free in the afternoon.A cousin of mine who was a classmate of mine callede to a movie(in our Madurai,more cinema halls located nearby places).I agreed and gone as my house people wouldn't say anything without any fear we went. But in the intervel we met many relatives around us with rain of questions. We reached the home and shared this with all members amidst great laughter

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    My school was just across the road from my home. My mother could view our school and even class rooms from our home kitchen . All teachers knew my parents as well. All my classmates knew my home . I/we used to visit our home during the intervals to take some books etc. or drink water. So there was no question of my bunking classes during my school days. Actually I never felt bunking classes. The teachers were sincere and kind and they taught us well that we did not get bored and did not feel to bunk classes.

    In college once in a while we used to bunk classes. Those were classes taught by incompetent ,boring lecturers who were just repeating texts or guides. But I used to sit in some other division classes , usually the English class by a lecturer who taught Shakespeare drama so nicely.

    Our lecturers used to say often that the curse of our college was that there was no theatre nearby. That was why students sit in classes and disturb Had there been a good theatre or some entertainment the idlers would have left and only those interested would sit in class.

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    The youth likes to experiment, and have the experience of doing the forbidden. They live in the moment, not thinking of the repercussions of their actions.

    You appear to have a beautiful bond with your child, as is obvious with the question she posed to you.

    At her age, she might also be under peer pressure – to bunk! Think about it. Many a time adolescents succumb to the pressure, just to fit in.

    If I were in your place I would have used it as an opportunity to educate her. I would have perhaps told her that I did bunk, but realised that it wasn't a very wise thing to do. I would have gone on to tell her that times back then were safe and that I had been afraid to ask for permission to see a movie, as I perhaps wouldn't have been allowed. And that she can go wherever she wants, as long as I am aware of where she is. And that I just have her safety in mind, knowing how vile and unsafe the world has become.

    As for me, I never bunked school. The school I went to had buses, to pick and drop students. And I was a boarder in College; it didn't make sense to bunk, as the Mall, the only 'happening' place in Shimla, where I studied, was quite a distance from the campus. Moreover, the institute was being run by nuns, we'd be missed during meal times, as we had our tables assigned.

    A batch senior to me used to bunk, leave the campus between lunch and dinner. They would have lunch, skip classes and return before the gates to the buildings we resided in were shut, which was around 22:00 hours. They were missed during evening tea and dinner (incidentally, we were allowed to go out only on weekends, after obtaining permission). The girls got into a lot of trouble – their parents were called….

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    Some times the children pose such questions, for that we have to tell the truth, no mater it may damage our reputation and prestige in front of them. In olden days, the pressure for studying was not much and if the child passes each exam, he was considered the best. In that case attendance were also not strict and the teachers used to help the students next day with notes and thus the life was with full energy. Now the children were not allowed to take even one day leave and the back log of their learning would increase and the personal attention of the teacher for that day misses. Moreover if the child miss one class, the sequence of teaching also misses and thus confusion galore takes place in the mind of the child. But good that we have to admit to the child the advantages we had those days to bunk the class. Fortunately for us the theater was just opposite to the school and college and every new film was not missed.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I have never bunked my classes in school, but yes I did during my college. I used to do because we had one management subject in engineering as "Entrepreneurship Development process", and our teacher used to teach a lot, we always used to sleep in his class, he sometimes used to take 2 to 3 lectures together, so we always used to run away and rush towards canteen or library during that time, to avoid his boring lectures.
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    I have read the comments of all Members. It seems that I am the only black sheep in the group of ISC!

    So far as the detailed comments of Ms. Juana are concerned, I humbly and respectfully submit the following:-

    (a) How could I watch so many movies considered as classics without bunking classes (and arranging proxy attendance)?
    (b) How could I complete so many short-term courses without bunking classes in university?
    (c) How could I complete three Master degrees without occasionally bunking office?
    (d) How could I enjoy cricket, football and hockey matches without occasionally bunking college, university and office?

    Isn't it a dilemma for me?

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    HAHA Partha, you can take me along with you. I was hardly in class after lunch but in play ground. For this at the end of the month I was heavily punished by class teacher. However, today I admit that it was not at all good and one should more concentrate in study.

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    So, I have got another companion in this group thanks to Mr. Jeets!
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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