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    Is it possible to have a computer assessment for descriptive written examinations?

    As we all know objective question papers are evaluated or assessed through a computer which set of answers will be feed in the Software program and the result will be evaluated with in minutes.As there are several issues of evaluating the answers for the candidate to make it transparent can we have a computer assessment for descriptive questions too. Is it possible? If possible, I think the human interaction evaluating the answer sheet will get reduced.Knowledgeable members will respond to the question and post your views.
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    A very futuristic query but yes it is possible and only thing is technology should develop to that extent.

    The candidate will have to type his answer in the given box and once he submits it the answer is to be assesed by super computer understanding not only the language, syntex and grammer but also the subject in which the exam is held. Seems to be a thing like one shown in science fictions but could be a reality one day.

    Only thing is if the purpose of assessing a student is complete with objective type test why to go for the other type with so many hassles.

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    Here is the clue how it will be. As descriptive answers are written in the answer sheet as we will keep it in the computer same as OMR sheet.We will feed the answers in computer software if the Keywords in the program matches the Answer sheet as the candidate will score full marks.
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    It is difficult task. At this juncture evaluation of descriptive answers by computer is very difficult. As suggested by the author for the answers if you give some keywords, whatever way it is used if the answer sheet contain that keyword marks will be allotted.
    Let us say The answer is " Rama is a good boy". For computer evaluation you can give the keywords, are, is good boy. Answer written by the candidate is "Rama is not a good boy". But as far as the computer is concerned whatever keywords given to it are present in the answer. So he will get full marks. But the answer is negative to correct answer. A proper programme is to be planned and created. It will take a lot time to go for this computer valuation of descriptive answer.

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    From the presently available technology, evaluation of subjective answers is not possible. But with the progress of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it may be possible in another 20 years or so.
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