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    Seeking a small clarification about article responses

    I always try to read the interesting articles available in this platform of ISC. If my mood permits, I try to submit responses about some of these articles. The responses to the articles are reviewed after some days, just like the articles which are reviewed later (say 5 to 7 days). However, unlike the articles, information updates or replies to the questions, I don't get any alert message when my responses are reviewed.

    In this connection, I would like to know whether there is an alert system in case of article responses, or not. I would like to know from the Editors and Members whether they get alert messages when their article responses are reviewed, or not. If there is no such system, I request the technical experts of ISC to introduce alert system in case of article responses also. It would be convenient for us. As for example, I submitted 3-4 responses during the first week of August which are not yet reviewed, although the subsequent responses have been reviewed very quickly. In absence of the alert system, I have to check those yet-to-be-reviewed responses once in two days, or so.
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    We don't receive any alerts about our article comments. We may have to visit again after sometime to see whether our comments are reviewed and accepted or not. But we get alerts when our ask expert questions answers are reviewed. I thought it is the policy of ISC. But as mentioned by the author, if alerts were sent to article reviews also, it will be more helpful to the authors who has given their remarks on the article. Probably ISC don't want much comments on the articles published in their channel. As such comments on articles are very less in number when you compare the same with Askepert answers or threads. I don't know the reasons. Probably it requires more time to read and the points for reviews are also not sure. So many members don't show interest in this and Editors also don't want much remarks on artiles. This is what I feel. I may be corrected if I am wrong.
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    I recall Tony Sir once stating in the forum that he would like to implement the email alerts feature for every section's every submission, which would cover the main post as well as responses/answers/comments, but it is not currently feasible due to having to apply for such alerts and that involves a huge volume.

    The one quick solution is that, after you post a comment to an article, you can select the box 'Notify me by email when others post comments to this article'. If I am not mistaken, I think that then, when your comment is approved, you will get the alert that a comment was posted to the article. Of course, you will then keep getting in-box alerts to all future comments of others too to that article, which you may not really be interested in!

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